AEGEE INSPIRE! A chat with Dorian Selz

AEGEE has been a huge part of so many of our lives. But what happens when we graduate and step into the professional world? For those who still want to contribute to making the dream of a borderless Europe real, an excellent opportunity is to become one of Les Anciens d’AEGEE. Created in 1990 by former members, it maintains links across generations of AEGEEans and with AEGEE itself. The AEGEEan Magazine invites Les Anciens members to share their experiences and to inspire readers. In this chapter, we let Dorian Selz inspire us with his story! 

Hi Dorian, thank you for your time. To start off, could you please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi I’m Dorian Selz and was a member of AEGEE Geneva for five years.

What is your best AEGEE travel experience/story? 

Travel from Basel to Brussels the year the borders came down. Unbelievable at the time in the 90ties to travel uncontrolled, say from Germany across the bridge to Strasbourg without border checks. Unbelievable at the time given the history enveloping these regions.

What is the main impact AEGEE has had on you personally?

AEGEE has taught me Europe, it has provided me friends for life throughout Europe! This includes yearly holidays in Greece with my friend Dimitris and his family. From a professional perspective, AEGEE has provided a wonderful springboard to a entrepreneurial career ever since

How do you see European developments?

Positive, albeit takes time. The challenges are a disjointed continent speaking confusingly instead of with one voice.

What is the biggest challenge for AEGEE today?

The biggest challenge I see for AEGEE today is a fractured Europe.

What is your idea of and ideal Europe? 

A united colourful and engaging Europe

What’s the next European country/city you’d like to visit and why?

London for business

To close off, any words of wisdom to the younger generation?

Do your thing