AEGEE-Academy and Comité Directeur unite their forces for ETCs

AEGEE-Academy is a group of young and motivated trainers from all over Europe that aim to provide all us AEGEEans with great training opportunities to build up our skills. This spring, they are organizing two European Training Courses in collaboration with the Comité Directeur. Learn more about amazing opportunities to improve your skills in this article!

Hey and thank you for answering some questions for us! First of all, who are you and can you explain to our readers what AEGEE-Academy is?

Hello! My name is Anastasia Sidiropoulou, and I am the current Speaker of AEGEE-Academy.

AEGEE-Academy is the official pool of trainers of AEGEE-Europe, and is built up of a group of young, motivated trainers from all over Europe.

What exactly is the purpose of AEGEE-Academy? What are your main objectives?

We aim to provide high quality non-formal learning experiences that facilitate the self-development of our training participants.

We are specialized in many topics, varying from soft skill workshops to practical training courses, all targeting the world of non-profit organisations, and social entrepreneurship. Therefore, we provide training activities, experienced trainers, feedback on training design, and their preparation.

This spring AEGEE-Academy and the Comité Directeur are offering two European Training Courses. What can the participants expect to learn in these courses, and what kind of AEGEE-members would especially benefit from taking part in them?

As you mentioned, we have two ETCs happening in spring in the AEGEE House in Brussels, both of them with a different focus.

The first one, the ETC+, taking place from the 9th till the 13rd of March, will be focused on leadership, external relations, and policy & advocacy, which aims at preparing the next generation of leaders of AEGEE for their future. 

It is especially a great opportunity for those who want to candidate for a position at the Agora, be part of a speaker team, become a Liaison or Policy Officer.

So, what can participants expect? We won’t reveal everything yet of what we have planned, but expect to learn how to network meaningfully, practice your public speaking, learn about team and crisis management, about digital campaigning from European Movement International, and  European Youth Forum policy.

The second training, the ETC, taking place from the 7th till the 10th of April, will be focused on grant writing and project management, as AEGEEans expressed their desire to have a training on  this. 

It is for AEGEEans who want to start new initiatives on both the Local or European Level, bring their Locals’ work to the next level, or future Comité Directeur members.

Here, members will learn how to identify funding opportunities, how to write and apply for grants, and how to manage a project from start to finish. They will get knowledge, tips and tricks from Veronika (Secretary General) and Teodora (Vice-President and External Relations Director).

The sessions will be held in person, right? How excited are you after the period of online events to host these European Training Courses in Brussels? Will it be difficult for the trainers to hold sessions in person after adapting to online teaching methods? How do the Comité Directeur members that will be delivering sessions in the ETCs feel about these two offline events?

Exactly, as I already mentioned these two ETCs will be held in person in Brussels. Speaking on behalf of the current board, I would like to say that we are really happy to organise offline training events again, after almost two years of having organised several online training courses. The in-person interaction is always preferable for trainers. One can really feel the moment, and connect with the whole group when interacting face to face than when being behind a screen.

I cannot say that if it will be difficult or not to hold sessions in person after adapting to online training events, because this is something that depends on each trainer individually. What I can say for sure is that our trainers missed delivering offline a lot, and they have been waiting for this moment to come. Offline training courses will work as a motivation booster for the AEGEE-Academy trainers. As for how the Comité Directeur feels about giving training sessions physically again, I cannot say —you would have to ask them— but they have shared that they are looking forward to having the chance to meet AEGEEans offline.

Why should people not miss out on these European Training Courses in Brussels?

As every European Training Course, these ETCs are unique training events providing its participants with as many tools as possible, and methodologies to develop themselves and reach their potential within AEGEE. These ETCs are going to be quite different from the previous ones. Mostly because they have different focused topics, which gives the space to the training team to dive more deeply into the topics and create more expertised training content.

Don’t miss this amazing possibility to improve yourselves and your skills!

Where can people find out more and where they can apply? When is the application deadline?

Everyone can find more information about these events on myAEGEE, where they can apply as well! Applications are open until the 4th of February 2022!

Here are the links for the ETCs on myAEGEE:

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