AEGEE — special language for special people

We all know what AEGEE is: a student organisation that unites different people (students and adults with a young soul) in one big international group with common interests and dreams of travelling. And of course, in this group, like in every other groups of people there are different customs and traditions. Among them are the European Night, Summer and Winter Universities,… Read more →

Towards Peace Building – Small steps, Big vision!

“…Children’s games in the streets were suddenly interrupted but they wanted to play more with their Armenian friends, they wanted to listen together to tales of their grandparents in the dusty streets of Van, Kars and Bitlis. Without telling the reason why our Armenian friends left, they taught us to forget 24 April, to forget the games we played and the stories… Read more →

Contact Kastoria's team

Their name is Kastoria, contact Kastoria!

You know them… You have seen them before… Where? In Skopje and most recently at Agora Enschede where they were approved as a new contact. Their name Kastoria, contact Kastoria! The AEGEEan interviewed Nicholas Varveris, the founder of the new Greek contact. 1) So congratulations for the new contact! Now the question everyone is dying to know the answer to – whose idea was it to… Read more →

Newest addition to our AEGEE family

It is not a secret that new locals are being created within our big AEGEE-Europe family, so recently we have one more joining… We are talking about a recently established contact in Greece called Ioannina. The AEGEEan is proud to present to you Ioannina through its president Dionisis Tzavaras. 1) Dionisi, whose brilliant idea was it to create this local? To begin with,… Read more →

Introducing the QUEER project with E.G.

Most of our readers are still unaware that there’s a potential project within AEGEE focused on bringing an open and tolerant space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) members of our association: the QUEER project. We interviewed one of its members, E.G. The AEGEEan: Can you give a short introduction for those who do not know about the project? How did it… Read more →

Ermanno Napolitano candidating for Members Commission

Dear Network, Here is one of our candidates for Members Commission at this Agora Enschede, current Juridical Commission (JC) President, Ermanno Napolitano. AEGEEan: So Ermanno, tell us after one year and a half of JC what made you choose Members Commission (MemCom)? In some ways it is very different from what I have done in JC, also because it was… Read more →

What a documentary can do to you…

Today was a very special day for me. No, I didn’t get married, neither did I give birth, the graduation is not the case either. “So what happened?” the reader would ask. My blindness is gone. And I am not talking about physical abilities here. What I am referring to is much bigger and more important, something that can’t be… Read more →