Jüri Kirpu

CD Telegram July 2012

  Marko Grdošić  – President July made Brussels quite calm, and the level of meetings went down. The last one happening was with the Coalition of Civil Society organizations on the Erasmus for All proposal. From the beginning of the year, we have been working a lot on lobbying for our space inside of the proposal, stronger youth inclusion, recognition of… Read more →

CD Telegram June 2012

Marko Grdošić  – President June I will start with Les Anciens General Assembly. Les Anciens are a huge encyclopedia of AEGEE, past activities and best practice and we have to find a way how to benefit more from that, focusing on continuity in our work and achievements. We had a very nice exchange of views and we’re looking forward to work… Read more →

CD Telegram May 2012

Marko Grdošić  – President I guess the month of May is the hardest to describe and write about. There was an Agora! And it was for sure not an easy one. Aware of what the whole Vote of Confidence might bring, we went for it, knowing that this is the right and only solution to resolve all the internal issues… Read more →

CD Telegram April 2012

Alfredo Sellitti – President It started coming back from the NWM in Kragujevac, “where amazing happened”: motivated participants and motivating trainers gave their best to make this event unforgettable, under the precious coordination of Marijana. After one week home for the holidays, I went with Gizem to Strasbourg, where James Skelly and BCA organised a very interesting conference about “European –… Read more →

CD Telegram March 2012

Alfredo Sellitti – President As for flowers, blooming in the sun after a cold winter, some interesting updates arrived in our external relations. A partnership agreement was signed with ThinkYoung, a Brussels based youth Think Tank that develops youth policies in the Eurocrat environment. The agreement will allow AEGEE and ThinkYoung to develop together ideas and projects, combining a high… Read more →

CD Telegram February 2012

Alfredo Sellitti – President February officially represented our half term benchmark, and despite being the shortest month of the year it didn’t prove to be the least busy. On the 2nd of February I participated in the consultation round for defining the Strategic Priorities of the European Youth Forum. The process is almost coming to an end, and it is… Read more →

CD Telegram January 2012

Alfredo Sellitti – President The month of January started by returning from the Christmas holidays to the “Erasmus for All” programme. During January the internal consultation process came to an end, with the publication of the reaction of AEGEE-Europe to the programme (thanks to everybody who contributed to the paper!). On the same topic, I attended on the 11th a… Read more →

CD Telegram December 2011

Alfredo Sellitti – President December brought Christmas mood, a bit of cold and a lot of concerns about the future, after the European Commission released, on the 23rd of November, a Communication about “Erasmus for all”, the programme that will take over “Youth in Action” from 2014. Several European platforms organised meetings in order to gather feedback and comments from as… Read more →

CD Telegram November 2011

Alfredo Sellitti – President November was devoted to meeting externals, and was probably the month I spent the least days in the office. On the second weekend I was in Derry, where AEGEE cooperated with BCA  and James Skelly (patron of the Beyond Europe Project) to organise the 3rd International Student Conference on Divided Society, where students from Europe and USA gathered… Read more →