Meet the ‘mommy’ of our network: Svenja van der Tol is our Member of the Month

Red hair, blue eyed Dutch-German girl with a really positive personality: Guess who? We are talking of course about Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen), in three words: hyperactive happy and caring. No doubt about that! We can confirm her hard work just by taking into account her engagement both on the Local and the European level of AEGEE. She has… Read more →

Any questions about Event Management? Meet the new E.Q.A.C team!

How many times, while planning an event, did you ask yourself ‘Am I organizing everything the right way?’ , ‘Do I have enough money?’ or ‘Is the event really AEGEE-like?’. It’s time to have an answer to all the questions you might have in terms of ‘AEGEEan’ event management: your solution is called Events Quality Assurance Committee (E.Q.A.C). The E.Q.A.C… Read more →

Miljana Vulevic for Chairperson: Her motto? “Work hard, play hard”

As the Agora is approaching, new candidates are coming: Today we are meeting Miljana Vulevic (AEGEE-Beograd) who is running for the position of Chairperson of our upcoming General Assembly. Active member and HR responsible of her local, Miljana is also engaged on the European level as former Secretary in Patra and current Vice-Chairperson of Agora Cagliari. See if she is… Read more →

Andrea Ugrinoska for Chairperson: She ‘knows how to laugh hard on a good joke, but sit at the table and do its work at the same time’

Time for Agora Cagliari, time for new candidates. Today we are meeting Andrea Ugrinoska (AEGEE-Skopje), who is running for the position of Chairperson at the upcoming Autumn Agora 2014. Former Human Resources responsible and current president of her antenna, Andrea considers herself as a hard-working and reliable person, who gives her contribution and energy both on the local and on… Read more →

Genoan floods: the story, the reasons, the (possible) solutions

It is ten o’clock on October 9th. It had been raining since the early morning but during the night the rain became stronger. The council did not raise the alarm, so the Genoan citizens were not that worried. An AEGEE event was planned for this night: Thursday Night Fever, but the board members decided wisely to cancel it. Looking at… Read more →

AEGEE crosses new borders: Marko Grdosic’s experience in the WCY in Sri Lanka

The World Conference on Youth (WCY) took place from the 6th to the 10th May this year in Sri Lanka, involving about a thousand of young people from all over the globe with the aim of increasing the youth presence in the planning of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, which is a process led by the United Nation (UN). The Agenda defines new important… Read more →

Press for PRES: Ready for a challenging European School?

Every year the Academy, in cooperation with the Public Relations Committee, organises a one week training: the Public Relations European School (PRES). This event is an unique opportunity to develop skills in terms of PR strategy and in particular in the fields of corporate identity, presentation techniques and development of PR materials. This year, PRES will take place in Poznań,… Read more →

‘When I say ‘I want to do something’, I don’t stop until it’s perfect’: Consuelo Ródenas nominated as MoM

The AEGEEan receives a lot of nominations for the Member of the Month and even if certain people are not chosen, they still deserve to be mentioned for their inspiring actions. The AEGEEan met one of those exceptional members, Consuelo Ródenas (AEGEE-Valencia), who told us all the secrets of a successful Antenna. Check this out! The AEGEEan: Hi Consuelo! Thank you for… Read more →

NWM Brescia – This Autumn you’re gonna hear them ‘ROAR’!

‘We want to support our area and introduce our new members to the network’, that is the reason why the one and only Lioness of Italy (AEGEE-Brescia) will host the next Network Meeting of the Rainbow area (ed. Italian speaking locals, AEGEE-Valletta and the Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Lugano). The AEGEEan met the organizers and their Network Commissioner, Mattia Abis,… Read more →

Ksenia and Jelena: the Public Relations Committee new Speaker Team

The Public Relations Committee (PRC), the body responsible for supporting AEGEE-Europe in the field of public relations with the aim of improving the communication within the association, has two new entries in their Speaker team (ST): Ksenia Lupanova (AEGEE-Moskva) and Jelena Stanković (AEGEE-Beograd). Ksenia and Jelena are respectively the new Speaker and Vice-Speaker of the PRC, positions that were formerly held… Read more →