Martina Zanero

ALF = AEGEE Likes Friends

Do you know what AEGEE-Riga, AEGEE-Tartu and AEGEE-Valletta have in common? In the Facebook era, we could say they have a friend in common: the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), a network can open many doors to their members and facilitate the foundation of new projects. AEGEE-Riga were the last ones who “added this friend”, just a few weeks ago. The… Read more →

Shut up!

Quite some time passed since the EBM, or at least it seems like that to me. I was thinking about the EBM, the people there and my mind stopped for a moment that I considered very significant. It was during the “Freedom of Speech: activists or militarists” workshop: Gizem stands there, goes to the center of the room and starts… Read more →

More education, more employment, more concreteness

Prof.Dr. Gül Turan, Head of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Okan University, Istanbul, opened the panel discussion of Saturday at EBM Izmir about “Non-Formal Education as a solution to (youth) unemployment”. The professor talked about the reasons of youth unemployment, its connection with education and the current situation in Turkey. Particularly, she pointed out that Turkey performed poorly in terms of… Read more →

An idealistic Members’ Manual

“Back in 2003, when I didn’t know about NetCom, when the board of my antenna didn’t have the answers to my questions, I’ve read the Members’ Manual. That was the second best thing I’ve ever done in AEGEE!”, those are the incisive words expressed by Michele Turati on AEGEE forum. Hopefully, a lot of new and old members will find… Read more →

The Afterparty Golden Rules

At 4.30 A.M the music was over, the club was closing and organizers brought you back. But sleeping doesn’t look like an option. So if you haven’t found a nice boy/girl to spend time with, well, it is time for AFTERPARTY! So what to do? Coming back from AEGEE-Valletta, where afterparty was as important as the party itself, I will… Read more →

Will AEGEE conquer the north?

Next Netcom focus area? – Scandinavia! 5 countries, 24 millions inhabitants and just 4 AEGEE antennae. I am pretty sure to be right in saying that the total number of AEGEE people does not reach the number of members of, for example, AEGEE-Budapest alone. What is wrong? AEGEE’s main aims are cooperation, communication, and integration amongst young people in Europe.… Read more →