Mireille Voorendt

Matteo Lai for Member of MedCom: “My key words: prevention, impartiality and knowledge of the rules”

One more application for the Mediation Commission was made by: Matteo Lai. He, amongst other things, has been the IT responsible for AEGEE-Cagliari and an active member of The AEGEEan. Now he wants to give back to our beloved association by joining the Mediation Commission with his juridical knowledge.    The AEGEEan: Hi Matteo, please introduce yourself for our readers!… Read more →

María Ballesteros Melero for Member of Comité Directeur: “Connecting AEGEE With the External World Through Thematics”

If you have not heard her name yet, you must have been living under a rock. María is (among other things) member of the Civic Education Working Group, content manager of Europe on Track 2016/2017, moderator of the Gender Equality Interest Group and an AEGEE-Academy trainer. Her next step: running for Member of the Comité Directeur. Let’s get to know… Read more →

Giuseppe Aquilino for Member of Comité Directeur: “I Will Do My Best to Serve and Protect”

Since Giuseppe became a member in 2014, he has been active on a lot of different levels in AEGEE. Event and Agora organiser for AEGEE-Catania, SubCom of the Juridical Commission, SubCom of the NetCom and most recently: job shadower of CD is just the tip of the iceberg. Now he is on track to contribute to our organisation even more… Read more →

Daniel Tufeanu for the Network Commission: “Focus On Developing Our Existing Locals and Strenghtening Our Network”

Meet Daniel Tufeanu:  AEGEE-București’s President and a member of the Human Resources Committee. Besides that he is also a two-term SubCommie for the Central European locals under Lavinia and Alin. Now it’s his time to shine as he is running for the Network Commission. He has a clear five-point programme, and a desire to give as much back to the Network… Read more →