Patricia Anthony

Summer University Kragujevac, Belgrade, Tuzla, Sarajevo 2014

It’s not easy to write a summary about these two weeks. It was such a perfect holiday that I really do not know where to start. It started in Kragujevac with Milos, Tomo, Dragan, Vanja, Ivana, Danica, Nikolija, Milos, Andela, Snezana and a lot of other organizers and friends. After the four days in Kragujevac, we went to Belgrade. A… Read more →

Living La bella vita with AEGEE-Cagliari and AEGEE-Napoli TSU

Italy, perhaps, is one of those countries where you can find out a brand new, unknown side of life of its inhabitants everytime you visit it. The difference between the mentality of the locals and nature of the north and south of the Italian “boot” is very noticable for the traveller. Travelling Summer University (TSU): “La vita e bella”, organized… Read more →

French kiss the Italian Beauty: TSU AEGEE-Genova and AEGEE-Lyon

The stories that you are going to hear about this TSU are going to be legendary, because those stories are French and Italian legends created by all of the participants and organizers. This TSU included not only discovering Italian and French culture, but also friendship and unforgettable memories within 17 different nations. A legend was made by the antennas of… Read more →

Local of the Month October: Team Building is the Key for AEGEE-Barcelona

AEGEE-Barcelona is one busy antenna! They have meetings every Saturday where they meet, socialize and discuss the future of their antenna. In one of those meetings a while ago, they decided to host Fundraising European School (FRES) and it is that particular event that has made them become the Local of the Month of October. The AEGEEan interviewed Clàudia Nogués, who… Read more →

Art you ready to surprise? Summer University Düsseldorf and Bamberg

24 participants. Eight nationalities. Two weeks of summer. AEGEE spirit. Art and theatre as theme. One country, Germany, and two cities: Düsseldorf and Bamberg. Mix those ingredients and add some beer and some trains and voilà! You will have the perfect scenario for an incredible Travel Summer University. Aren’t you curious? It all started on the 28th of July in… Read more →

TSU Bratislava-Lviv 2014: Open Your Mind in the centre of Europe

Travelling Summer University was organized by AEGEE-Bratislava and AEGEE-Lviv on the break of July and August 2014. It started in Bratislava on Thursday, when the participants arrived to the gym where we slept. About half of them gathered for the Slovak language workshop. Instead of the survival phrases, everyone was interested in pick-up lines & dirty words. Boys, remember: “Máš… Read more →