Andrea Ugrinoska and Maarten de Groot – EPM topic on “The Future of the University – it’s in OUR hands!”

Another proposal for the EPM is coming from Andrea Ugrinoska & Maarten de Groot who want to focus on three major questions regarding the future of the university: “1. What were the causes of the different student protests that have emerged in European university cities over the last one or two years and how did the protests come to an… Read more →

Romy Cartiere’s Proposal for EPM on Refugees in Europe – “Europe vs. the Rest: Change of Perspective?”

Along with the interviews for the candidates applying for the opened positions at Autumn Agora Kyiv 2015, the AEGEEan has taken some time to simplify for the readers the proposals for the European events topics. The one we will focus on here is the one from Romy Cartiere which is a very present-day topic, regarding the Syrian refugees in Europe.   Being… Read more →

EMP Burgos Main Organiser says “it will be a great surprise for all the participants”

In little more than a month, the spotlights will be on Burgos where the EPM (formerly known as European boards meeting, EBM) will take place. Historic capital of Castile, this northern city will captivate participants, according to Rubén Sanz Martínez, main organiser of the EPM. We interviewed him to get to know what he and his antenna have in store… Read more →

EPM Burgos 2015 will be an unforgettable experience for participants

A few weeks ago AEGEE-Burgos organized their 5th anniversary. A small but nice event in which participants got to visit the city that will be the host of next year’s EPM, which will take place mid February 2015. EPM stands for European Planning Meeting, the event that we called EBM (European Boards’ Meeting) until Agora Patra. What will happen in… Read more →