Meet Les Anciens

Have you ever seen these weird people who sometimes sit in the back of the pub during your students association’s social drink? They seem connected, however, that’s not possible, they don’t interact with the rest, not to mention they’re too old to be a member. That is to say until one of the oldest members of your association stops by… Read more →

Back to the Roots by AEGEE-Paris

From 6th to 8th of March  around 70 AEGEEans and alumni gathered in Paris for the “Back to the roots” event. The event commemorated the 30 years of AEGEE and has coincided with the Meeting of the Friends of Franck Biancheri Association (AAFB) Network and the 15th anniversary of Newropeans. AEGEE-Paris, the AAFB and the Newropeans network were the organisers.… Read more →

AEGEE-Delft and the Franck Biancheri Year

Between the 4th and 7th of December 2014 AEGEE-Delft hosted one event with two names: “Europe and its Identities/How Divided is Europe?”.  This was part of the 2014 Franck Biancheri Year and organised in cooperation with the l’Assocation des Amis de Franck Biancheri (AAFB). Even though the event was more colloquially known as the Franck Biancheri Memorial Event, the memorial… Read more →

Voulez-vous AEGEE avec moi?

In 2015,  AEGEE celebrates its thirtieth birthday; all over Europe, and in the interior of Russia, and in the Caucasus, and in Turkey, and at the Canary Islands, which are geographically part of Africa. Basically, along almost a quarter of the earth’s circumference over 200 AEGEE locals have popped up and are ready to celebrate. Should some enthusiastic students be… Read more →