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CD Telegram October 2013

October was a month of preparations… for the ZarAgora. So expect to read many stories of endless meetings, preparing powerpoints, discussing Progress Meetings. But not only, since we also participated in several events around the network and did other interesting things...

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CD Telegram September 2013

September is always a busy month in Brussels, with the restart of the Eurobubble activities and also plenty of initiatives starting in our network...

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Surviving La Tomatina

Looking to unleash your wild side? Or simply want to experience something really crazy? Let me introduce you the recipe for the best possible summertime event in friendly Valencia region…

Photo by: Serhii Basenko, AEGEE-Odessa

The ingredients are: 21 international participants, five brilliant organi...

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‘THIRSTY?’ – ‘NOT YET…’ (Climate Change and Water Availability)

Water means life. Life begun IN water and no known living thing can function without it. From the smallest to the biggest organism, the simpler to the most complex; and in between, us. GOOD NEWS: 3/4 parts of the Globe are covered by water. BAD NEWS: only 2.5% of it is fresh water, and only 0...

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European Day of Environment 2013. Are you ready to participate?

The European Day of Environment (EDE) is about to come and of course the Environmental Working Group (EnWG) won’t let it pass unnoticed! 

The six weeks that the Network will think about sustainability and will have the chance to prove that it is sustainable will start on the 22nd of April...

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Do YOUth believe in talent? AEGEE – Tenerife does!

What would you use to inspire and promote an idea? Do you believe in the uniqueness and great value of people? In AEGEE-Tenerife, we believe we all have a talent and therefore a duty: we should contribute with OUR talents for the improvement of the current situation of youth.

One of the best ways ...

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The Internet is (not) free in Azerbaijan

Since the discussion about whether or not the internet is a human right is ongoing in AEGEE, I’d like to share with you my latest eastern observations on this issue. I’ve recently read a letter published by Emin Milli, an Azerbaijani blogger and youth activist, in The Independent (source: articl...

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Round Table on Social Inclusion – They called me NEET

Two weeks before the Agora I attended a Round Table organised by the European Youth Forum in the European Parliament, focused on the repercussion of youth unemployment for social inclusion.

The high unemployment rates among the youth is not fresh news anymore; we have heard the figures so many tim...

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Sibiu: the Anniversary Event of the Culture Working Group is approaching fast

A few months went by since the Culture Working Group chose Sibiu as the AEGEE Capital of Culture, and host of its 15 years anniversary event...

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EBM Valletta gets the patrimony of the President of the Republic H.E. Dr. George Abela


It has been a while since we published news about EBM Valletta so The AEGEEan grabbed the opportunity to have a little chat with one of the main coordinators, Bernice Saliba, about the process so far.

When asked about how it is going with the organisation, the answer is that the organisers h...

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