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AEGEE-Zaragoza: “Everything Members Are Willing to Do is Valid, Everybody Can Propose Ideas!”

Lying in the middle of Aragon province, there is a city called Zaragoza. There, in 1998 AEGEE-Zaragoza was born, with a “long and a vibrant history” as the board said, having organised countless of events including two Agoras (2003 and 2013), NWMs, Summer Universities and so on. Currently, they have 158 members who meet regularly and they organise both fun and… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of October AEGEE-Verona: “We are Very Small, but Very Strong!”

Last October, AEGEE-Verona organised the event entitled “Perchè l’Europa unita ieri e oggi?” (Eng. Why a united Europe, yesterday and today?), directly connected with Spreading Europtimism Focus Area (Objective 2). For this reason, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month of October. We spoke with the former secretary Raffaello Corsini, and the ACT responsible Camelia Kajbaf, to… Read more →

Local of the Month of November: AEGEE-Tartu “We are Motivated And Eager to Be Known All Over Europe.”

Founded in 1994, AEGEE-Tartu is a very active antenna which organised the Network Meeting entitled “The City of Good Thoughts” in November this year; moreover, it was ranked as the 3rd and 10th best Summer University in the recent years. AEGEE-Tartu also organised a Network Meeting in 2013, and it will be the host of the European School I in… Read more →