Gabriela Geana

Gabriele Scollo for Network Commission: “A Network Commissioner is the Good Teacher who Didn’t Forget how to Play”

Recently we talked with Gabriele Scollo from AEGEE-Torino, who is running for a position as Network Commissioner. He joined AEGEE when he was 25 years old, and has been an active member ever since. He was a member of the Action Agenda Committee for one year and participated in many local and European events otherwise. Now he is taking it to… Read more →

AEGEE-Bergamo for Local of the Month of May: “Organising a Statutory Event is a Very Complex Goal”

The winner of Local of the Month of May is none other than AEGEE-Bergamo! The organiser of the spring Agora 2016 hosted 1000 people, a huge number of participants even for an Agora. We had a talk with the board of AEGEE-Bergamo about the challenges encountered for organising AEGEE’s biggest statutory event, about their antenna and of course, about their… Read more →

5 Essential Tips to Survive an Agora

Agora Bergamo is approaching day by day and you’d better prepare yourself both physically and mentally for it, because it’s about to become real in less than a week! Beside the necessary things you need to take with you undoubtedly, we want to help you with a few cool tips which you have to take into account once you are… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting II: Be Water, My Friend! I Was Killed by PowerPoint and Peace It Up!

Whether you are a delegate, a visitor or an envoy, you are definitely going to love the workshops planned for the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo! They are new, they are fresh and interactive, aimed for new members coming as visitors, some of them being for the first time at an Agora, eager to learn valuable things, AEGEE related or not,… Read more →

Spyridon Papadatos for Network Commission: “I Am Highly Motivated and Enthusiastic About This Position and I Want to Commit Myself 100% to It!”

He has been active in his local for almost two years. After his first Summer University in 2015, he was elected as Public Relations Responsible in the local board, organising the Local Training Course and Summer University of 2016 as both main organiser and treasurer. But that’s not all, he also coordinated local volunteering events such as Let’s Do It… Read more →

Lia Tuska for Member of the Comité Directeur: “I Will Do My Best to Make The Voice of The Network Heard by CD”

She is currently Secretary of the Agora/EPM and Project Manager of the Democracy in Practice project. Being a member of both AEGEE-Kastoria and AEGEE-Sofia, having attended several Network Meetings, Summer Universities and Agoras, Lia Tuska has a quite rich and colourful experience in AEGEE. Moreover, she is ready to take it to the next big level and run for Member of the Comité… Read more →

Member of the Month for February: Fabrizio Bellicano, the IT Expert Behind the New Intranet System

He describes himself as a stoic, stubborn and attractive person and he is the creator and developer of the Online Membership System (OMS) which will replace the old Intranet. Fabrizio Bellicano is our Member of the Month for February and in this article he explained to us how the Online Membership works and how it can change AEGEE in the… Read more →

Local of the Month for February: AEGEE-Leiden, the Hosting Local of European Planning Meeting 2016

Did you miss the European Planning Meeting this year? It was organised by AEGEE-Leiden and took place between the 25th and 29th of February. Thanks to their amazing work and team coordination, they managed to organise a great European Planning Meeting. Not suprisingly, AEGEE-Leiden was voted Local of the Month for February for this great accomplishment. So, we had a… Read more →