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The Road to the Agora

Spring Agora Bergamo starts on the 18th of May this year, and its arrival is solemnly heralded by its many Facebook invites and by those of the Pre-Agora events. If you go to the Agora, you can go directly or you can go via one of the six Pre-Agora events (or just go to one of the six Pre-Agora events,… Read more →

French kiss the Italian Beauty: TSU AEGEE-Genova and AEGEE-Lyon

The stories that you are going to hear about this TSU are going to be legendary, because those stories are French and Italian legends created by all of the participants and organizers. This TSU included not only discovering Italian and French culture, but also friendship and unforgettable memories within 17 different nations. A legend was made by the antennas of… Read more →

Genoan floods: the story, the reasons, the (possible) solutions

It is ten o’clock on October 9th. It had been raining since the early morning but during the night the rain became stronger. The council did not raise the alarm, so the Genoan citizens were not that worried. An AEGEE event was planned for this night: Thursday Night Fever, but the board members decided wisely to cancel it. Looking at… Read more →

AEGEE-Genova goes to the middle of nature

Between the 30th May and 1st of June, AEGEE-Genova organized an inter-regional meeting where people from different antennae took part: AEGEE-Bari, AEGEE-Bergamo, AEGEE-Bologna, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, AEGEE-Milano, AEGEE-Padova, AEGEE-Pisa, AEGEE-Roma, AEGEE-Siena, AEGEE-Torino and  AEGEE-Udine sent at least one member to represent them. “And in the boat of wine we will sail on the reef/emigrants of laughter with nails in the eyes/’till the morning will… Read more →

Local of the Month: AEGEE-Genova and its Outstanding Planning Meeting

If someone still believes that stereotype about the citizens of Genova being greedy and narrow-minded, they haven’t met the members of AEGEE-Genova. This young local, who signed the Convention d’Adhésion at EBM Riga 2011, is growing fast and definitely likes to think big. That was the reason they organized the Planning Meeting 2013, where a wide group of AEGEEans gathered… Read more →