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Member of the Month Naira Pérez Rodriguez: “Ideas Move the World and I Want to Move It”

When we ask AEGEEans to nominate someone who did something important during a specific month, we often received nominations with the same name from five/six people. We never experienced an overwhelming number of nominations like we did with the Member of the Month of March: 25 in total! All with the name Naira N. Pérez Rodriguez from AEGEE-Tenerife. She was… Read more →

Most Inspiring Local Activities Nominated for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards

Throughout the AEGEE Network inspiring local activities are being organized every year and The AEGEEan decided to honor this for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards 2014. Therefore five antennae are nominated for the “Most inspiring local activity” category. AEGEE-Warszawa is nominated for the “Don’t talk to strangers – or do” activity. The AEGEEan interviewed Izabela Rudnicka (the coordinator of the project). “I… Read more →

Local of the Month: AEGEE-Las Palmas. Future organisers of Agora or EBM?

Will there ever be a statutory event in Las Palmas? That question was asked to the President of the antenna, Carmen Martín, when giving her the great news that the YVote 2014 event-organizing antenna has been chosen as Local of the Month of November.  The AEGEEan interviewed Carmen to get a deeper inside into the antenna and also talked a bit… Read more →