Do YOUth believe in talent? AEGEE – Tenerife does!

What would you use to inspire and promote an idea? Do you believe in the uniqueness and great value of people? In AEGEE-Tenerife, we believe we all have a talent and therefore a duty: we should contribute with OUR talents for the improvement of the current situation of youth.

One of the best ways to make a change in people’s lives begins by taking advantage of what surrounds us. Such things as hope, effort  and dreams are not made to be isolated. They have to be shared. For this reason we decided to start to collaborate with other youth associations and young people in the municipality, with whom we have created La Laguna Youth Forum ( as a collaborative space for young people to reflect about our current situation and act accordingly. We believe that having a talent is important as far as it can contribute to the rest of the society with its development.

Our challenge: introducing new patterns that value talent as the engine for change and economical improvement!
Our programme: Let YOUth Talent Grow!

We want young people to participate and take action, to show what we are able to do and we also ask for opportunities to do so; we want to develop OUR personal, social and professional talent.  In order to face our challenges and following the 2020 Strategy and Transformax Talento Research ( our actions and projects are structured in six working lines or areas. As a way to explain them, we used the word T.A.L.E.N.T. and we created a symbolic cycle from transmitting to acting, learning and networking to the outcome of evolving and transforming the reality we live in. This is the programme we have presented for our candidacy as European Youth Capital 2016 (fingers crossed for it!)

How? With an anyway working philosophy (we believe in the PROCESS, discovering and acting according to the talents and objectives we encounter) .

During this year 2013 we want to make YOUth talent worth by identifying, sharing and growing talents, we want to create a “talent environment”. In this interdisciplinary environment we can all benefit and inspire from others’ talents.

If you, dear reader and member of another antenna, think you also have a talent and want to develop it, join us and let’s make some noise! There is an African saying that goes: if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go together! So…let’s GO!

Written by Tayri Campo, AEGEE-Tenerife