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Jovana Trajković for NetCom: “motivation and dedication are the most important for a Network Commissioner!”

24 years old, from Belgrade, student of Greek philology and an AEGEE addicted ready to support the development and cooperation among Balkan locals. The upcoming Spring Agora Asturias 2015 will host the elections for the next Network Commissioners, and Jovana Trajković will be one of the candidates. Just a few days before the Agora, The AEGEEan got to know better her… Read more →

Albania and the EU – The Truth, The Lies and The Future

Recently, on the 27th of June 2014 the Republic of Albania saw its status elevated from ‘potential candidate’ to ‘candidate country’ to join the European Union. The question whether this is something positive or negative, good or bad remains a much heated and lengthy debate between those who trust in or those who are sceptic of the European Union. However,… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Udine: “Knowledge transfer is the most important task of our local”

And the Local of the Month of July is…. AEGEE-Udine. Located in north-east of Italy, AEGEE-Udine “in the last months was the most dynamic within my area (Italian speaking locals, AEGEE-Valletta and Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Lugano ed.), and probably in the whole Network” quoting the words of Mattia Abis, Network Commissioner (AEGEE-Cagliari). We spoke with the President Alberto De… Read more →

#SerbiaFloods – AEGEE-Beograd Takes Action by Fundraising and Creating Awareness

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and eastern Croatia have been hit the past days by a record flooding, and the state of emergency has been declared in some parts of both countries. More than 100,000 homes have been evacuated so far, and it has become one of the biggest natural disasters in the region. Whereas the media from outside the Balkans… Read more →

Tuzla Into The Problematique

Protests… they came out of the blue. Tuzla has always been a multiethnic city, where Bosniaks, Croatians and Serbs live, hang out, work and contribute to society together in both good and bad times. The war has ravaged everything behind, sowing hunger, misery and war profiteers nationwide. And the war profiteers could have hardly waited to exploit the suffering people.… Read more →

Ana Dragic: “Sve više napredujemo”

I am meeting Ana Dragic just after a basketball tournament. She has just arranged the interview, but then surprises me with a filled questionnaire early in the morning. I don’t know Ana very well, but I can see that she really gets along with Marijana Roscic, the current Network Commissioner (NetCommie), so I am sure she will also inherit Marijana’s… Read more →