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A More Inclusive Comité Directeur

CD 54 has arrived. The AEGEEan had the privilege to interview each member separately and, although much of their programme is still being drafted, one thing became abundantly clear; this CD might be more inclusive than ever. Check it out, down below: Réka Salamon; President AEGEE Europe, Could you introduce yourself? Hello, I’m Réka Salamon from AEGEE-Debrecen and AEGEE-Aachen, I’m… Read more →

CD 54 Has Arrived

Starting on the first of August 2016, the new members of the fifty-fourth Comité Directeur have started working, and one thing is for sure; they want to become more inclusive in the network.   Talking to the members of CD 54, it has become clear that they want to show themselves more to the members of AEGEE. Past CD members… Read more →