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Tekla Hajdu for Chairperson of the Agora: “I Want to Increase the Participation in the Agora With a Suitable Agenda”

Tekla Hadju, former Network Director of the Comité Directeur, after eight Agorae as active member, wants to be still involved in the European level so that she presented her candidature as Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson  of the Agora...

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Meet the Chair Team for Autumn Agora Catania 2017

Are you feeling excited about Autumn Agora Catania 2017? It is happening sooner then we think, but in order for everyone to have a great experience, there is still work to be done...

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Member of the Month of May Marta Wnuk: “AEGEE has Empowered me to Strive for the Best”

She started locally in 2012 in AEGEE-Poznań, then moving to AEGEE-Warszawa, joining also AEGEE-Enschede last year...

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Erika Bettin for Chairperson of the Agora: “Being in the Chair Team Requires a Lot of Skills in Mediation”

In the middle of the whole debate about Agora and its reform, there are people that simply fell in love with our statutory event from the beginning and want to explore all its opportunities. One of them is Erika Bettin from AEGEE-Verona, who is candidating for (Vice)Chairperson of the Agora. 

The A...

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Vademecum: How to Write a Motivation Letter for the Upcoming Agora

ImmagineSpring Agora Enschede is approaching very fast and there is just one thing between being an applicant and a participant: the application.

The first thing to know is: who is going to read your applications? The Chair Team, in cooperation with the Comité Directeur, is the one in charge of selecting pa...

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Meet Your Chair Team for Spring Agora Enschede 2017

During Agora, some people are meant to be in charge of conducting the sessions, giving the timetable, taking minutes and solving any possible problem with the IT infrastructure...

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PROPOSALS #2: Removing Chair Team from EPM, Removing Nationalities from CIA, More Neutral Role for JC

Just like we did for the past Agorae, for Autumn Agora Chisinau, once again we would like to provide you with a short and easy summary of the proposals submitted for the Agora...

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7 Facts about being the Secretary of the Agora

Most of you, during the Agora, watch the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson preside over the meeting. But how about the Secretary of the Agora? The only thing people witness of him/her, is them typing during the Agora, but being Secretary of the Agora has some privileges!


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What’s New in Bergamo? Debate and Juridical Commission Candidates Presentation

Our statutory event is a beautiful place where we meet, discuss and share our vision of the Association. It is also a common thought that we are not living it to the fullest and the format is a bit outdated...

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Meet the Chair Team of AEGEE-Europe 2015-2016

European Planning Meeting will see the debut of the Chair Team of AEGEE-Europe 2015-2016. For two years in a row, Tom Simons (AEGEE-Enschede) will be the Chairperson of the Agora/EPM with Marta Wnuk (AEGEE-Warszawa) acting as Vice-Chairperson...

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