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Lia Tuska for Secretary of the Agora: It’s Not a Secret, I Love Being Secretary!

She has a lot of European experience with various positions and attended many European events. Some of the positions she has had were Vice-Speaker of Information Technology Committee (ITC), Secretary of Human Rights Working Group (HRWG), Network Commissioner, and more recently, the PR Responsible of Democracy in Practice Project and currently the Project Manager of Democracy in Practice Project. Lia Tuska doesn’t want to… Read more →

Looks like we have a new Chair Team!

The Chair Team is changing its members during every Autumn Agora. The newly elected team is preparing for the statutory events that are coming, because preparation is the key to a successful event, in this case first of all for the European Planning Meeting (EPM). They have responsibilities that need to be respected so that the event goes on as… Read more →

Miljana Vulevic for Chairperson: Her motto? “Work hard, play hard”

As the Agora is approaching, new candidates are coming: Today we are meeting Miljana Vulevic (AEGEE-Beograd) who is running for the position of Chairperson of our upcoming General Assembly. Active member and HR responsible of her local, Miljana is also engaged on the European level as former Secretary in Patra and current Vice-Chairperson of Agora Cagliari. See if she is… Read more →

How to be a good delegate

Agora Rhein-Neckar is coming up in a few weeks. Every local has selected its delegates, all proposals and candidatures are published and now it is time for the delegates to prepare themselves. Being a delegate is a responsible task; you have to represent your local in the broadest sense of the term and this year’s Chair Team will be more… Read more →

Chair Team candidate Alla Resheten – “AEGEE people give me huge inspiration”

Quite often after being involved in AEGEE work on full-time basis, lots of AEGEE members are leaving AEGEE “to get some rest”.  However, the candidate for Chair Team Alla Resheten, whose name is usually followed by countless AEGEE titles, is not tired. “How you can be tired from something you thoroughly enjoy?”, says Alla. The AEGEEan was lucky enough to… Read more →