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Meet Your Chair Team for Spring Agora Enschede 2017

During Agora, some people are meant to be in charge of conducting the sessions, giving the timetable, taking minutes and solving any possible problem with the IT infrastructure. They are the Chair Team: Chairperson (Marta Wnuk), vice-Chairperson (Erika Bettin), Secretary (Gabriela Geană) and IT (Jani Dugonik). They have been recently selected to prepare and manage Spring Agora Enschede 2017, and… Read more →

7 Facts about being the Secretary of the Agora

Most of you, during the Agora, watch the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson preside over the meeting. But how about the Secretary of the Agora? The only thing people witness of him/her, is them typing during the Agora, but being Secretary of the Agora has some privileges! . 1. You are in the spotlight. Together with the rest of the Chair… Read more →

Erika Bettin for Chairperson: “good communication and good cooperation is the key to deliver a good job”

Active member of the Culture Working Group, Agora responsible for the Election Observation project, Editor for the AEGEEan and co-Editor-in-Chief of the Key to Europe 2013-2014, but also terrified by clowns and mangos, Erika (AEGEE-Venezia) is one of the candidates for the position of Chairperson for the next term. The AEGEEan met her to ask her few questions to know… Read more →

Tom Simons for Chairperson: “I needed a position which I would find challenging”

Active member on local level, Member of the Mediation Commission, Tom (AEGEE-Enschede) is one of the candidates for the position of Chairperson for the next term. The AEGEEan met him to ask him few questions to know more about him and his plans. The AEGEEan: Tell us about Tom in few words. What we don’t know about you? Tom: hm,… Read more →

Andrea Ugrinoska for Chairperson: She ‘knows how to laugh hard on a good joke, but sit at the table and do its work at the same time’

Time for Agora Cagliari, time for new candidates. Today we are meeting Andrea Ugrinoska (AEGEE-Skopje), who is running for the position of Chairperson at the upcoming Autumn Agora 2014. Former Human Resources responsible and current president of her antenna, Andrea considers herself as a hard-working and reliable person, who gives her contribution and energy both on the local and on… Read more →

Member of the Month – Sygrit Andringa

She is a well-known face in AEGEE, she was the driving force behind three statutory events, and she is known for her quote “I love typing!” Despite the fact that she had to overcome some difficulties during her term, she kept working hard and stayed positive, which shows her great dedication to AEGEE. This month Sygrit Andringa (AEGEE-Groningen), former Secretary of… Read more →