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Why Consider an Internship in the USA?

Ready to gain practical hands-on experience and hone skills that will benefit you throughout your life? An internship in the United States will make you a better student and employee, cultivate your entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and foster skills that are highly prized by employers across the globe. Here are four reasons why you should cross the Atlantic and intern… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of January AEGEE-Izmir “All Locals Are Unique in Their Own Way!”

Around the beginning of the new year, AEGEE-Izmir organised a postcrossing project with their twin antennae AEGEE-Moskva. Even though at the time there was political tension between the two countries, the project turned out to be a huge success, involving members of both locals in a cultural exchange. As a reward, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month.… Read more →

Under the Tuscan sun: friends from AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Siena together

It was planned months ago and finally on the 19th of June eleven members of AEGEE-Budapest arrived in Siena to visit, enjoy and appreciate the Tuscan city for four days together with the members of AEGEE-Siena. The members from AEGEE-Budapest were hosted by AEGEE-Siena’s members. The activities during the exchange were entirely programmed by the organisers, who managed to take… Read more →

The Sports Working Group Board Looking Back at a Year of Challenges

The Sports Working Group (SWG) is preparing for this autumn by encouraging antennae to take part in interesting events such as the MOVE Week and Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) while also preparing for Autumn Agora Zaragoza and the upcoming elections for the SWG. In this interview the members look back on the last year.   Sabina Begic has… Read more →

Bringing Two Sunny Cities Together

A story of how the sun brought AEGEE-Yerevan and AEGEE-Athina closer thogether and keeps shining on their cooperation. It all started as a joke between Armenak Minasyants from AEGEE-Yerevan and me, Zoi, more than one year ago. We were in contact with each other for some AEGEE project and I was always finishing my emails with the phrase “Greetings from… Read more →