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Testing German Railways: Domen’s Interrail Experience

During EPM Zagreb, the Civic Education Working Group organised a debate competition, which prize was an Interrail Pass. Domen Brus from AEGEE-Osnabrück was the winner, and he wrote this report of his interesting journey for The AEGEEan.   I started my journey in Ljubljana where I boarded the train headed for Frankfurt, final destination of the day being Konstanz. On the… Read more →

Debate competition in EPM Zagreb: “We are Very Satisfied With the Development Our Participants”

If you have attended EPM Zagreb 2017, you might have assisted to the final round of the debate competition organised by the Civic Education Working Group. The debate in Zagreb was just the last step of a journey started last year in November when Balint Toronyai from AEGEE-Budapest and Doro Harles from AEGEE-Mannheim, members of the CEWG sent an open call for topics.… Read more →

Civic Debate Online: Human Rights are Outdated

In order to strengthen civic competences in AEGEE, the Civic Education Working Group has been promoting debating throughout the year. Why? Debating was proven to improve academic achievements, critical thinking, mutual understanding, as well as communication, argumentation and interpersonal skills. In short it helps you to know more and form a better-founded opinion. Today we are taking the debate online… Read more →

In the name of controversy. The AEGEEDebate story continues

It has been over a year since AEGEEDebate was introduced to the AEGEEan. Recently, a very relevant debate was published, in cooperation with Yvote, on the differences between national rules on participation in the European elections. This made us wonder how the project has developed over the last year and what the future holds, according to one of the initiators of… Read more →

Ukraine Rising: Perspectives of a European (r)Evolution

The Ukrainian crisis has dominated the news in the past months. In order to show a European perspective on the situation, AEGEE-Nijmegen organised a debate night, with a broad panel of academics, policy makers and of course AEGEEans from Ukraine. The debate, titled ‘Ukraine Rising: perspectives of a European (r)Evolution’, took place on May 14th and was the kick-off for… Read more →