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AEGEE-Burgos, Local of the Month: “After an EPM, Maybe in Some Years We Will Have an Agora in Burgos!”

AEGEE-Burgos was born only six years ago, and since then, they haven’t stopped facing one challenge after another one: organising Summer Universities, Network Meetings, a Renove, several training courses… The ‘peak’ came only last February, when they organised a European Planning Meeting. Many agree that it has been one of the best statutory events in the past years, and they… Read more →

Meet EPM Burgos Content Managers: Adrian and Nikolay

The European Planning Meeting (EPM) will officially start on the 18th of February and the topic choosen during Autumn Agora Cagliari is “Europe and Russia, view from the youth prospective”. In order to develop the topic in the best way possible, two content managers were appointed, with the help of Lavinia Manea (AEGEE-București), Content manager of EBM Lublin 2014 (European… Read more →

Looks like we have a new Chair Team!

The Chair Team is changing its members during every Autumn Agora. The newly elected team is preparing for the statutory events that are coming, because preparation is the key to a successful event, in this case first of all for the European Planning Meeting (EPM). They have responsibilities that need to be respected so that the event goes on as… Read more →

EMP Burgos Main Organiser says “it will be a great surprise for all the participants”

In little more than a month, the spotlights will be on Burgos where the EPM (formerly known as European boards meeting, EBM) will take place. Historic capital of Castile, this northern city will captivate participants, according to Rubén Sanz Martínez, main organiser of the EPM. We interviewed him to get to know what he and his antenna have in store… Read more →

AEGEE-Madrid Brings Renove Back to its roots

Renove is a common term for members of La Nave, the nickname for the locals in France, Spain, Portugal and AEGEE-Brussels/Bruxelles. This year the 4th edition of Renove will be hosted, bringing back the event to where it originally started, namely in a small village close to Madrid. AEGEE-Madrid will already host the fourth edition of Renove, but even though… Read more →