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Watching Eurovision 2013 with the AEGEE family

Whether you watch it with your family, with your friends or with The AEGEEan, it doesn’t matter if some songs are “ unlisteneable” or just awesome, if some performances are genious or lame, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is always a unique experience, that keeps fascinating Europeans year after year, and is always the subject of discussions and emotions.  Watching… Read more →

Events Committee 101

Some of you never might never have heard about the Events Committee, and those who have might have no knowledge about what it is and why it is necessary. If you are interested, then continue reading.  The EvC (Events Committee) is not a new born committee – it was founded in June of 2011 with the aim to improve the… Read more →

How should we communicate?

We communicate all the time, especially online and it has already been mentioned once but will be mentioned again that there seems to be lack of interest in AEGEE about how we choose to handle cases especially such as PR, and e-mailing each other. Being a member of the Sports Working Group board, I have experienced myself that people feel overwhelmed… Read more →

If your antenna is the next in line to be deleted by Facebook?

The discussion about Facebook (FB) and AEGEE’s representation there is an ever returning topic. The AEGEEan Editor Patricia Anthony has been studying web communication design few months ago and made a project on AEGEE. A project with the result that the way that AEGEE is organised in the Internet is very chaotic, as Jüri Kirpu mentions in the interview about the Communication Guidelines.… Read more →

You have one new Friend Request

It is common to get friend requests on Facebook. Even more common if you are in AEGEE. Even more common if you are an “AEGEE celebrity” but in many cases you could read a name on Facebook thinking “who is this” but then reading that you have more than 50 friends in common would make you accept the friend request… Read more →