Events Committee 101

Some of you never might never have heard about the Events Committee, and those who have might have no knowledge about what it is and why it is necessary. If you are interested, then continue reading. 

The EvC (Events Committee) is not a new born committee – it was founded in June of 2011 with the aim to improve the quality of the European and AEGEE events and to support the locals in organising them. The new EvCom team was elected in october of 2012 and the four enthusiastic board members are ready to do their best to accomplish their mission.

How does the EvC work?

If an Antenna has decided to organise a European or an AEGEE event, except a Statutory Event, a Summer University or a Network Meeting, it has to contact the EvC first. And then the process goes as follows:

1. Make a plan with your local
2. Fill in the application form and send it to the EvC
3. Your application is evaluated by the EvC
4. While you are waiting for the reply of the EvC, you create an event on Intranet
5. You are informed by the EvC if your event is approved or not
6. If everything is fine we approve the event also on the Intranet and you can start the promotion.
7. If something is wrong or missing, we contact you and help to solve the problem. 

Filling in a form is not a big deal, but usually it used to be a problem to the locals to choose a Focus Area correctly. However this is the most important part of the application since it is the aim of the EvC to encourage the locals to organise events with thematical content. Organisers have to choose from the fields of Youth Participation, Bridging Europe and Inclusion of Minorities. Unfortunately most of the members in the Network do not really know what these topics are, but no worries; you can find the criteria in the Strategic Plan and the Action Agenda.

Future plans and present actions 

The EvC has a lot of ideas for the future. Soon the EvC homepage will be ready, where you can reach the application form easily, you can find the the descriptions of the Focus Areas there as well as all the other important information about the EvC .

There are plans to adjust the system of EVENT-L, but probably the biggest project will be the classification of the events by taking the guidelines of organising them more seriously.

Photo competition

Right now the EvC is working on making a collection of the pictures of last year’s events, for which a photo conest is hereby announced. Everyone is asked to send in photos of AEGEE-events of 2012, hoping to see which was the greatest one and for participants to share their memories with the rest of the network. The pictures will be uploaded on the Facebook page of the Events Committee so everyone can vote to their favourite ones. The winner gets the title „The Best Photo of 2012” and the chance to write a nice summary in The AEGEEan about his/her experience and memories of the event where the winner photo was taken. You can read about the details in the mailing lists or you can contact the EvC at

Even though the Events Committee is not “new born”, it is still in its infancy and it is believed that with persistence and hard work the EvC can make great changes and become an essential part of AEGEE.

Written by Liliána Tóth,  Speaker of the Events Committee