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Meet your ACTies 2016-2017

At the upcoming European Planning Meeting (EPM) in Zagreb, you will hear more from one of our committees, namely the one that is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Action Agenda and will be supporting the drafting of the new Action Agenda. Who are we talking about? The Action Agenda Coordination Committee, also known as ACT!   The Action… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of September: AEGEE-Lviv “AEGEE is all about the ACTion!”

With the event of the month of September, we leave behind an era full of Summer Universities and we start to deal with serious matters. AEGEE-Lviv’s event “Let’s Talk” is a clear example of hard work. This local is filled with motivated and hard-working young people, striving for the future of their country. ACT spoke with Nastya Hirnyak, President of AEGEE-Lviv.… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Sofia: “Nothing is impossible!”

April was a very busy month full of different events, from Agora Asturias to the N7A. This month’s winner for the the Most ACTive Local of the Month is AEGEE-Sofia! Sofia was one of the 7 antennas that has organized N7A and proved, yet again, that they are an awesome antenna. They have contributed to the two Focus Areas: Spreading… Read more →