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Svenja van der Tol for Youth Development WG Coordinator: “I would really like to make the Youth Development Focus Area more than words”

After one year in Brussels as Secretary General and counless experiences both with her local AEGEE-Nijmegen and at the European level, Svenja van der Tol has been really active in bringing back to life the Human Resources Committee of AEGEE-Europe and she is now candidating as Coordinator of the Youth Development Working Group. We interviewed her about it.  The AEGEEan: Could… Read more →

A Song of HRES and Chișinău

One of the best part of being in an active and engaging group is that everyone can help each other reach their full potential in order to make the most use of each individual’s assets. This process is also known as Human Resources. After organising Local Training Courses (LTC) and Regional Training Courses (RTC), AEGEE-Chișinău decided to help people become… Read more →

Is your AEGEE local the “Master of Recruitment”? Share your best practices with the Network!

It’s September, the new academic year has just started, and this means that the recruitment season has just started too! Several AEGEE locals are making big efforts and organising lots of activities for fresh members and international students who can become potential AEGEE members, many of them starting from mid August already. Organising such activities requires a big dose of… Read more →