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Christmas Around the Network

Have you ever noticed similarities between your country’s and other countries’ traditions for Christmas? There are many symbols attached to this holiday in Europe, and each country has kept its own identity and traditions, while enriching them with influences form various other sources. This diversity and richness prove the importance given by Europeans to the Christmas holiday. This year the AEGEEan… Read more →

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Hungary and the Migration Situation

The Hungarian government has recently made headlines (again) with the government announcing it is going to erect a 4m high and 176 kms long fence along the Serbian-Hungarian border, investing 23 billions Forints (Hungarian currency, approx. 75 million euros), “protecting the borders of Hungary and protecting the borders of the EU”. Denying help from masses of people fleeing their war-stricken… Read more →

Why does Hungary matter? Reaction to the Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law of Hungary

Why does Hungary matter? This question was asked recently by the US Helsinki Commission, and also exactly a year ago by the Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman. Why does Hungary, this small, landlocked country with around 10 million inhabitants in Central Eastern Europe, matter to the US or to any other EU country? However, the recent events, namely the latest,… Read more →