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Democracy, Where Are You Going?

In early July, AEGEE-Madrid organised an event about two important pillars in many, if not all, countries in Europe; these being ‘democracy’ and ‘equality’. The event got a special dimension by also including LGBT rights in the discussion. This further underlined the idea that there should be equality between both majority and minority groups. To know more, please continue our… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting VI: LGBTQ Rights and My AEGEE Development

At the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo, beside plenaries, prytania and workoshops, twelve Progress Meetings (PM) will take place. Excluding a Progress Meeting which will be on Friday afternoon, they will all be on Thursday and Saturday, divided in a morning slot and an afternoon one. Progress Meetings are a very important moment in AEGEE since we all can receive information… Read more →

European Parliament against Homophobia

On the 4th of February the European Parliament adopted (with a clear majority of 394 in favour versus 176 against) a recommendation for a future road-map against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. This seems to be a step in the direction AEGEE is pushing with the Policy Paper on Homophobia. But what does this road-map really mean? And how big can this ‘step’… Read more →