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On the road to equality for LGBT people in the whole of Europe

On the 25th of August there was a large classical concert called ‘the Constellation of Russia’ conducted in Amsterdam. The concert was meant to show the beauty and diversity of Russia’s culture. However, there was at the same time a large gathering of protesters, rallying against the current developments in Russia on the matter of LGBT rights. This is a… Read more →

Watching Eurovision 2013 with the AEGEE family

Whether you watch it with your family, with your friends or with The AEGEEan, it doesn’t matter if some songs are “ unlisteneable” or just awesome, if some performances are genious or lame, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is always a unique experience, that keeps fascinating Europeans year after year, and is always the subject of discussions and emotions.  Watching… Read more →

The NetCom Times presents: Scare Homophobia out of Europe

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) topic is one of much controversy. In a world in which LGBT’s can marry in only eleven countries, there is still much to be done for equality in this field. Even within AEGEE, as the survey on homophobia shows, 8% of the members considers violence directed at LGBT’s justified because of their sexual orientation. Despite… Read more →

Ready to run! Six Policy Officers and their Subjects

Fall Agora Budapest 2012 was the Agora of going back to the past. Returning to the exact location of the first Agora in Eastern Europe as we are dealing once again with resistance to European ideals. Debating on our identity in order to better understand ourselves. Launching new initiatives which will help AEGEE reclaim the prominent, strongly thematic place it… Read more →