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Member of the Month Costas Deltouzos: “My first SU as a helper in 2003 was a life-changing experience”

You might have seen him a lot during the five days of the Spring Agora 2014, answering questions politely and always willing to help. Costas Deltouzos, pillar of AEGEE-Patra, was elected member of the month of June. In his ten year career in AEGEE he covered several positions, both in the European and local level, but his time in the… Read more →

Joris Veenhuis for JC: “it’s important to bring the Network closer to the Agora and the JC is a tool to help with that!”

Joris Veenhuis (AEGEE-Maastricht) was elected in the past Autumn Agora Zaragoza as one of the members of the Juridical Commission. In just a few days, at Spring Agora Patra, he runs again for the same position in order to bring experience and continuity to the work of the JC. The AEGEEan has talked to him about what he has learnt… Read more →

Léa Charlet, Presidential candidate: “I believe members are the most important part of our organisation!”

Léa Charlet, 24 years old from AEGEE-Paris, is one of the three candidates for the position of President of AEGEE-Europe. She studies Law and European institutions and has been member of AEGEE-Paris since september 2011. She was HR, Secretary and President in her local and involved in the European Level as Fair Manager EBM Valletta 2013, Trainer of the Academy,… Read more →

Réka Salamon, Presidential candidate: “The president needs to listen and understand the needs of the team and support them “

Réka Salamon is a 23 years old girl from Debrecen.  Hungarian by nationality (her first local was AEGEE-Debrecen), German by adoption (she moved in Cologne and she joined AEGEE-Aachen), she is running for the position of President of AEGEE-Europe. If elected, she is going to be the first female President since Agata Pateka from AEGEE- Poznań (2009-2010). She is currently… Read more →

Antonija Parat runs for Secretary General: “AEGEE is going through a crucial process of transformation”

Just a couple of days ago we had found out that, besides Matthijs Overhaal (AEGEE-Tartu), there will be another contender running for Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe. The AEGEEan has talked to Antonija Parat (AEGEE-Zadar), current speaker of the Network Commission and proofreader of The AEGEEan magazine about herself, her plans and ideas on different aspects concerning the association. The AEGEEan:… Read more →

Balázs Kovács for Network Commission:”Take up the challenge of contributing to empowering antennae”

He  joined AEGEE in 2011 and, after a long experience in the local level as former PR reponsible and current president of AEGEE-Debrecen, he’s now  running for Network Commission at the upcoming Spring Agora Patra. Balázs Kovács, also known as “Bali”, was interviewed by the AEGEEan in order to get more information about himself and his candidature. The AEGEEan: Being a NetCommie… Read more →

Elmar Guliyev for Network Commission: “The strength of the Network depends on the spirit and stamina of the team”

Another AEGEE member running for the Network Commission. His name is Elmar, he’s 23 and he joined AEGEE-Bakı in 2011. The AEGEEan interviewed him in order to get more information. The AEGEEan: You have been involved in so many different activities on a European level (Public Relations Committee, Environmental Working Group, Fundraising Assistant of Health4Youth Project) and on a local level… Read more →

Maria Arends for NetCom: “I see potential in our network, but it may need a little push”

Maria Arends from AEGEE-Groningen (and AEGEE-Tarragona) is running for a position in the Network Commission. She was already on the line for this position during Spring Agora Rhein Neckar, but unfortunately she was not elected. One year later, she is running again, let’s discover why. The AEGEEan: Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Maria: My name… Read more →

OSCE-Youth Action Plan- HDIM: new opportunities for young people to shape the reality around them!

For all of you interested in youth participation in international organisations, but not really knowing where to start, the workshop at Agora Patra held by AEGEE-Europe Liaison Officers towards OSCE can be the first step! We will introduce the basic information on what Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe stands for, the context of its work and the opportunities… Read more →