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Réka Salamon, Presidential candidate: “The president needs to listen and understand the needs of the team and support them “

Réka Salamon is a 23 years old girl from Debrecen.  Hungarian by nationality (her first local was AEGEE-Debrecen), German by adoption (she moved in Cologne and she joined AEGEE-Aachen), she is running for the position of President of AEGEE-Europe. If elected, she is going to be the first female President since Agata Pateka from AEGEE- Poznań (2009-2010). She is currently… Read more →

Miljana Vulevic: The Secretary of Agora Patra

Miljana Vulevic, former Human Resources Responsible of AEGEE-Beograd, decided to be more active in  the European Level by joining the Chair Team as the Secretary of Spring Agora Patra. Now she’s back from the Chair Team meeting in Brussels and we’ve had the chance to interview her! Can you tell us about yourself and your experience in AEGEE? How did… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards 2014 – Will the third time be charm for your antenna?

The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards is returning for the third time in connection with Agora Patra and lucky number three is the overall theme for the exciting times that all will end in a magnificent award ceremony at the big statutory event taking place in Greece later this year. Honouring 10 antennae for being outstanding in different matters. The team behind… Read more →