Miljana Vulevic: The Secretary of Agora Patra

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Miljana Vulevic, former Human Resources Responsible of AEGEE-Beograd, decided to be more active in  the European Level by joining the Chair Team as the Secretary of Spring Agora Patra. Now she’s back from the Chair Team meeting in Brussels and we’ve had the chance to interview her!

Can you tell us about yourself and your experience in AEGEE? How did you join AEGEE?

I am Miljana, 24 years old. I’ve been a proud member of AEGEE-Beograd since 2012, so a bit over two years now. I joined my local after being inspired by our old members in one of our amazing Local Training Courses. After one year spent as HR Responsible of my antenna, I’ve decided to become active in the European level.

What motivated you to apply for the Chair Team?

Agora is my all-time favourite event. It’s like a rollercoaster ride – you go from being so full of energy to feeling miserable over and over again. It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, it’s intense: it’s Agora. Being part of the team that is involved in making that magic happen would be just… fantastic!  So, when I saw that an open call for the position was issued, it caught my attention and after getting the support from my amazing AEGEE besties and my Netcommie, lovely Miss Antonija Parat, I decided to just go for it. Obviously, it worked out fine.

What do you do apart from AEGEE? Studies? Work?

I am studying Management at the University of Belgrade, I’m on my final year and I spend all my free non-AEGEE time with my friends.

Do you plan of running  also for  being Secretary of the Agora in Cagliari?

Honestly, I don’t know. But I have some more time to think about it, so who knows. I just might do it.

 Recently, the rest of the Chair Team and you had a meeting in Brussels. How was it? Are you ready to work together in Patra?

True, we had a meeting last weekend and it was pretty great. As a new addition to the Chair team, my contribution wasn’t epic or grand, I just suggested an idea here and there like it is whenever you’re a newbie. But it has been amazing to take part in drafting the agenda, selecting the participants and just being part of the whole process. It  has also been such an inspiration watching Paul [Smits] and Alberto [Cuesta Noriega] work like a well-oiled machine. It reassured me that joining the Chair Team was a good decision and made me want to give my best on this job. All in all, I can’t wait for the Agora!

Written by Lia Tuska, AEGEE-Sofia/AEGEE-Kastoria

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