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Travel Summer University Barcelona and Valladolid: a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

There you are, in the air somewhere between your home country and the Summer University. Destination: two unforgettable weeks. Valladolid, June 20th 2014. As we arrived, tired from the more or less long travel, we just had the time to put down our luggage and choose a spot to place our air-mattress and we were immediately thrown into some ice-breaking… Read more →

SU The Dutch Rainbow: Hitchhike Past the Highlights of Holland

Walter White was looking at me, seated down in his cheap, rusty chair. His face was a mixture of rage-looking eyes, disappointing gesture and an unusual peace. I felt weird, lost in my mind, again. When suddenly, a voice broke into my thoughts. – Are you ready? – my dad asked. Yes, I was. My first Summer University (SU) would… Read more →

SU Story of the Week: The heart of the Lioness, finding out the hidden jewel in Brescia

When someone goes to a Summer University, has some expectations. The 28th July, 30 participants full of expectations arrived to Brescia to know more about the culture, history, people, food and language of this region, located in the north of Italy. Finding out the hidden jewel of Brescia was the opportunity to discover a beautiful place, full of history, in the… Read more →

SU Story of the Week: Smells like pushing limits spirit

It is often said that what makes a Summer University a successful event is the group of participants more than the program and organization. Well, this is true, but what if 26 awesome people were gathered and guided through an unforgettable adventure that would tour some of the most attractive spots of northern Europe? The answer is that it already… Read more →

SU Story of the Week: Bring the Action for SUtisfaction – SU Eskişehir

From the 2nd of July till the 16th, it was time for 26 participants to embrace the Turkish way of life and go to the extreme! AEGEE-Eskişehir was the organizing local of this SU, with a program full of amazing activities that would make participants as well as organizers push themselves to their limits, all of it adding up to… Read more →

SU Story of the week: Let’s discover the pearl of the Aegean with a SUnkiss

What  are your expectations of Izmir? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear  the name of this city? Almost all of participants  prejudged Izmir, Turkish culture and Summer Universities. Within the scope of this project, they learned about the Turkish culture and also tasted Turkish food during colourful activites. One of the workshops was… Read more →

SU Story of the week: Riga Heartbeats Forever!

Summer University „Riga Heartbeats Forever!” organised by AEGEE-Riga has recently finished – with loud cheers, farewell tears and warm embraces. “Veselā miesā vesels gars!” – From the healthy spirit to the healthy body! – this Latvian proverb was the motto of this Summer University, and that is why the programme was filled with different activities supporting the idea of the… Read more →