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Friends from the First Bite Never Say “Goodbye”

Firstly, take a wonderful country, then scatter some beautiful cities on its surface. Mix three antennas and sprinkle them. Finally, add 26 participants from all over Europe and bake under the Italian sun for two weeks. In the end, you’re gonna taste the most spicy, delicious and delightful Summer University (SU) you could ever imagine!   The Pisa Part The… Read more →

The Surprising Truth From a Dutch-German SU

The Netherlands and Germany… One would directly think about beer, weed, and the Red Light District. The discovery made by some lucky participants could not be further from this! The Germans and Dutchmen like to discipline people. That is why between the 4th and 19th of July, participants realised what the word “justice” means during an AEGEE event. This was… Read more →

Music, Rhythm and Kafana: This is How the Balkan Beats!

With the intention of making this year’s Summer University (SU) the best possible, AEGEE-Niš and AEGEE-Sofia joined their creative forces and the magic happened – “Balkan Beats” was born. In the spotlight of this SU were, as the name itself hints, music and dance, both traditional and modern ones. 25 participants from all over Europe had the opportunity to experience… Read more →

SUrviving the Extremity of Nature in Brescia

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Brescia? Footballers Pirlo and Balotelli who come from the same named province, mountains, lakes, or just a small hidden and relatively unknown paradise midst the famous Franciacorta vineyards? Brescia is all of them and even more. Heading there for AEGEE’s Summer University (SU) I wasn’t sure whether… Read more →

Are you ready for an aweSUme SUmmer?

In Autumn Agora Cagliari, the new Summer University Coordination Team was elected. Georgia Grolliou (AEGEE-Thessaloniki) is the new Project Manager, Ioana Duca, Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe, is the Comité Directeur appointed member, Ksenia Lupanova (AEGEE-Moskva) is the publication responsible, Suzan Dilara Tokac (AEGEE-Eskisehir) is the PR responsible and Antonis Triantafyllakis (AEGEE-Heraklio) is the IT responsible. From the 3rd to the 5th… Read more →

Go Green or Go Home – AEGEE-Novi Sad & AEGEE-Niš SU

It is said that usually you don’t know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Now that the summer is over I can confirm this quote. “Play Hard, Meet the Green(s)”, the summer university organized by AEGEE-Niš and AEGEE-Novi Sad focused on eco-friendly lifestyle, has made my summer one of the most unforgettable ones. In the… Read more →

Summer University Kragujevac, Belgrade, Tuzla, Sarajevo 2014

It’s not easy to write a summary about these two weeks. It was such a perfect holiday that I really do not know where to start. It started in Kragujevac with Milos, Tomo, Dragan, Vanja, Ivana, Danica, Nikolija, Milos, Andela, Snezana and a lot of other organizers and friends. After the four days in Kragujevac, we went to Belgrade. A… Read more →