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The Stories Behind the The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards Best Video Nominees

Two Summer Universities, two New Years Event and one Youth Rights video are amongst the nominees for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards “Best Video” category. The AEGEEan interviewed three of the nominees about the process of creating the movies and discovered how a precious AEGEE flag was almost destroyed in the process. The AEGEEan talked with Ksenia Lupanova about the nominated… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Award 2014: Most original mascot

It is time for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards again! From the 10th of March until the 31st you can let us know who your favourites are in categories like Best Video, Most Active Working Group, Most Impressive Roll Call and Most Original Mascot. For this last category, The AEGEEan has found five nominees, namely: Orestios Mesemvrios (AEGEE-Kastoria), Gorm Jr. (AEGEE-København),… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards 2014 – Will the third time be charm for your antenna?

The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards is returning for the third time in connection with Agora Patra and lucky number three is the overall theme for the exciting times that all will end in a magnificent award ceremony at the big statutory event taking place in Greece later this year. Honouring 10 antennae for being outstanding in different matters. The team behind… Read more →

AEGEE-Zaragoza on entering the Spanish Youth Council and development of their antenna

AEGEE-Zaragoza is going strong. Last time when The AEGEEan focused on this Spanish antenna was just a few months ago, when they were nominated for the best merchandise and the best flag-stealer. Since then the Network saw at the Agora Enschede that AEGEE-Zaragoza won both awards, and Pablo Ruiz, AEGEE-Zaragoza’s Public Relations (PR) Responsible entered earlier this year the board… Read more →

Getting the VFWG Back On Track

Why vote for the Visa Freedom Working Group (VFWG) to win the AEGEEan Choice Award 2012 rewarding the most efficient Working Group of 2011? When the VFWG was taking what seemed to be its last breath last year, Jana Pokorna (AEGEE-Istanbul/AEGEE-Praha) and the rest of the motivated VFWG members picked it up and put it back on its wheels. The… Read more →

Success Stories, Fresh Ideas and New Opportunities

Curious about what the Youth Unemployment (YuE) Project did in 2011? Curious about why YuE should win the AEGEEans Choice Award 2012 rewarding the best project in AEGEE in 2011? You will most likely find your answers right here. What is the Youth Unemployment Project dealing with? When thinking about graduation, what pops up in your mind? The answer may be… Read more →

I like it, like it Jamón

AEGEE-Zaragoza is one of the most famous antennae in the AEGEE Network. This fame derives partly because of the highly efficient branding campaign that they have done over the past couple of years with their “I love Jamon” t-shirts and stickers.  The original idea was originated by the masterminds of AEGEE-Zaragoza. Jonathan del Castillo Gil from AEGEE-Zaragoza took the responsibility… Read more →