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AEGEE-Oviedo, Local of the Month of April: “Little Things Can Be Great!”

AEGEE-Oviedo is an antenna that is growing constantly. It was nominated as Local of the Month of April because it organised a successful Regional Training Course (RTC) in cooperation with AEGEE-León and the Youth Mobility Working Group, “To Europe and Beyond”. The event was made up of a group of 23 participants plus seven organisers and three trainers. Since the main topic of… Read more →

Youth Mobility Working Group: the Kings of Facilitating Travel

Mobility, especially youth mobility, is critical for members of AEGEE due to its many events all over Europe. It therefore comes as no surprise that there is something like the Youth Mobility Working Group (YMWG). What is surprising is that the main task of this working group is often not facilitating mobility, but raising awareness about the possibilities of youth… Read more →