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The Action Agenda, the ACT and the new Active Local of the Month award!

Since the new Action Agenda Coordination Committee started working after Agora Patra, one of the main aims of the body has become spreading knowledge about the strategic work of AEGEE-Europe. This means giving a lot of attention to promoting the Action Agenda and Strategic Plan, and a good way to do it is, why not, rewarding the antennae fulfilling the… Read more →

7 Highlights for the 7th Edition of the Charlemagne Youth Prize

As every year, the European Charlemagne Youth Prize (ECYP) took place in the city of Aachen, under its 7th edition. After Europe on Track’s major success last year, some AEGEE members gathered in Charlemagne’s city in order to know which project would be its successor. Youth unemployment, selfies, remarkable guests, journalism and the situation in Ukraine have just been some… Read more →

Europe on Track: Ready for the Second Edition

Last time The AEGEEan spoke about the Europe on Track (EoT) project was in October, when the open call for the project manager was issued. Réka Salamon (AEGEE-Aachen/AEGEE-Debrecen) was choosen for the second time to be the coordinator of the project, together with Rocío Leza (AEGEE-Brussel/Bruxelles) and Turgut Tosun (AEGEE-Ankara). Last year the project won the European Charlemagne Youth Prize,… Read more →

AEGEE as a key player on Youth Employment in Europe

From November 11th to the 13th, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD or OCDE in French) headquarters in Paris hosted the Youth Summit on Youth Employment, which took place parallel to the Paris Intergovernmental Summit of the EU Members States on the same issue. As member of the Comité Directeur of AEGEE-Europe, I was able to represent our organization… Read more →

YVote2014 Convention on Youth (Un)Employment in Agrigento

Youth unemployment is on the main agenda in many EU member states, particularly in Greece, Spain and Portugal, where an alarming number of young people are unemployed. The YVote2014 Convention in Agrigento addressed this topic with 25 people from different EU contries. Youth unemployment is on the agenda of all European governments, and also of the European Union. In order… Read more →

Round Table on Social Inclusion – They called me NEET

Two weeks before the Agora I attended a Round Table organised by the European Youth Forum in the European Parliament, focused on the repercussion of youth unemployment for social inclusion. The high unemployment rates among the youth is not fresh news anymore; we have heard the figures so many times they do not scare us anymore. But I was shocked when the… Read more →

Introducing the host of the European School of Entrepreneurship 2012: AEGEE-Santander

The economy is not exactly good-looking in Spain these days, but no matter this fact it was chosen last week that AEGEE-Santander will be the host of the upcoming European School of Entrepreneurship this autumn. The AEGEEan had a talk with the President of AEGEE-Santander Fernando Campo about preparations to the event.  So what is the theme? The answer to… Read more →

More education, more employment, more concreteness

Prof.Dr. Gül Turan, Head of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Okan University, Istanbul, opened the panel discussion of Saturday at EBM Izmir about “Non-Formal Education as a solution to (youth) unemployment”. The professor talked about the reasons of youth unemployment, its connection with education and the current situation in Turkey. Particularly, she pointed out that Turkey performed poorly in terms of… Read more →