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Firstly i want to start with the words of the project manager of SUPS:

The Summer University Project School took place last week in the beautiful, full of AEGEE-Spirit, city of Leon. Motivated participants, organized and friendly local organizers and dedicated trainers managed to work during day and party during nights for a whole week.

A training is always a training so intensive workshops, experiential games, useful presentations and case work were monopolizing the time of the brave participants.

But, also, eSpain is always eSpain so tortilla, fiesta, siesta, big meals, nice coffee breaks, sunny and smiling people were present for the time in between the sleeping hours (minutes) and the training sessions.

A big thank you to AEGEE-Leon and the participants for this excellent event. A big thanks to SUCT and the Academy for their support and a big big friendly hug to the tireless trainers Kris, Ankie, Agata, Katrin, Tomek, Nikola and Percin.

Vaggelis Monoguios
Project Manager SUPS 2008

Ok my turn :)

I have already experienced a lot of times that 1 week can change a person’s life, as this SUPS did mine, and the participants. I was lucky to be involved in this great event, with great participants and great trainers. Whatever handicap we had, we managed to get over it. Whatever we learn, we put more in it.

With about 20 participants and 8 trainers, and of course with our lovely organizers, SUPS Leon turned out more to be than just an event, but also a place to establish strong friendships, motivation and creativity.

I m sure that the participants of this event will be our next SU organizers and SUCT members, hence check out these photos well, because you will see them soon in AEGEE’s European field.

Percin Imrek
AEGEE-Europe Projects Director

*Please fill in the Activity Reports for 2008 and Action Plans for 2009 :)


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