>Network Meeting Hamburg

>Dear readers,

The last weekend I attended a very German Network Meeting with perfect German organisation, German timing, punctuality and food. Every part of the NWM was very nicely organised, the workshops, the equipment, the social programme, the European night…
But lets start with the serious issues.
I was leading two workshops, one on Fund Raising (as Fund Raiser of AEGEE-Europe I supposed to be an expert in it :) And one on the Lisbon Treaty and the possibility for AEGEE to let our voices hear – Position Papers.
My workshop on FR had 6 participants, in the beginning I was a little bit disappointed that I’m so unpopular :( In the end it turned out to be a very nice discussion, than you Marco, and thank you evryone who attended to share your experiences with me!
My other workshop on the Lisbon Treaty was more popular, about 25 people wanted to listen to me! Unfortunately it was in the morning after the European Night, when the productivity of people is a little bit more limited.. Still, when we swiched the topic to position papers people got really more active! Dear Participants, thank you for your enthusiasm, it was so nice to see that AEGEE can be, will be, and actually IS a platorm of dialogue and we can overcome our insider problems to discuss more important, youth related European topics.
An open space was lounched after the workshop, where the topics of Visa Freedom, Multilingualism, and Bologna Process were discussed in terms of possible topics for Position Papers. (More about Position Papers you can find on the intranet under the public documents of the Comité Directeur)
A few more lines about the European Night: very nicely organised, enough space, enough drinks, cool music! – if only I could have enjoyed it longer instead of carrying home a certain unconscious warmhearted and sharing AEGEE member… :)