Didi Jaskólska : In AEGEE people motivate me the most

Dorota “Didi” Jaskólska was the coordinator  of one of the biggest Network Meetings (NWM) in the history of AEGEE – it was almost like a small EBM.  Didi is really active helping AEGEE-Toruń to increase. She has not been in AEGEE for a long time, but she is reReal leader has to love speaking at publically active on the local and the European level. In just a year she visited a lot of European events and coordinated a few projects. Her beginning in AEGEE was in the spring of 2011; she joined a Local Training Course (LTC) organised by AEGEE-Toruń. Later she went to NWM Warszawa, Summer University in Istanbul, NWM Gdańsk, Agora Skopje, and EBM Izmir. In autumn last year she coordinated an LTC in Toruń and she gave an idea for organizing a local project “Pchli Targ”. And now she is the Member of the Month, because we in The AEGEEan believe that all that effort is worthy of recognition.

Congratulations. Was it worth it? S0 much time and effort?

Thank you! It was a really big surprise for me. Was it worth it? Of course! It was the best time of  my life. It was so great because I was not alone. The entire AEGEE-Toruń was involved in the Network Meeting, we made this event together!

How big was actually the NWM you organised? How did you do it?

We had place for 200 participants, and we had 40 organizers too. It was really amazing to see so many people at the Network Meeting. Some friendNWM-Torun was like a small EBMs were laughing at us, saying that we were organizing a mini EBM.  As I already said, with AEGEE-Toruń I can do anything!

What motivates you to work so much in AEGEE?

Many things motivate me – the first one and the most important are the people. I love AEGEE people and the spirit that is in the air at every event. And also after the event when you sit down at home and feel the big joy and pride from what you just did. It is amazing and I hope that all AEGEE people feel the same.

Which is more exciting for you – the local or the European level of AEGEE?

It is hard to say. It depends on nearly everything. I love my antenna and I am proud that I come from AEGEE-Toruń. "People in AEGEE motivates me the most"I also go to every Agora or EBM because it is important for me to develop my skills. But I want to develop them for my antenna to make us better and better.

Which is your best moment in AEGEE?

My best moment? I have a lot of great moments in AEGEE, but one of the best was when I read the mail that said I became the AEGEEan of the month. It is really nice to have your work recognised.

What to expect next from AEGEE-Toruń?

We have a few ideas for next years. Maybe we will think about something bigger than NWM? Who knows. With an antenna like mine we can do anything ;)

And from Dorota Jaskólska?

From me ? Hmm… let me think . I want to be more involved on the European level. But I have been in AEGEE only a year so far and I want to have more experience before I take another step.

Do you want to wish something to our readers?
Yes I do! I want to thank everybody who went to the Network Meeting “Let’s do it!”  in Toruń. Not only the organizers but also the participants. Without so many wonderful people there would not be such a great event.

 Written by Liliya Buyukliyska, AEGEE-Sofia

Attention: If you think you know someone, who deserves to be honored as “Member of the Month”, send an email with the persons’ name and the reason for nominating him or her to aegeean@aegee.org.