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7 Highlights for the 7th Edition of the Charlemagne Youth Prize

As every year, the European Charlemagne Youth Prize (ECYP) took place in the city of Aachen, under its 7th edition. After Europe on Track’s major success last year, some AEGEE members gathered in Charlemagne’s city in order to know which project would be its successor. Youth unemployment, selfies, remarkable guests, journalism and the situation in Ukraine have just been some… Read more →

EPM Burgos 2015 will be an unforgettable experience for participants

A few weeks ago AEGEE-Burgos organized their 5th anniversary. A small but nice event in which participants got to visit the city that will be the host of next year’s EPM, which will take place mid February 2015. EPM stands for European Planning Meeting, the event that we called EBM (European Boards’ Meeting) until Agora Patra. What will happen in… Read more →

Workshop: Branding nationalism the American way

 During the last Agora in Zaragoza, ‘Nationalism‘ was elected as the topic for the upcoming EBM in Lublin. Different thematic sessions workshops have been prepared to give a deeper insight to EBM participants about it, such as the workshop ‘Branding nationalism the American way’ that Réka Salamon (AEGEE-Aachen/AEGEE-Debrecen and Speaker of the Public Relations Committee) will give. The AEGEEan: How exactly do… Read more →

Nationalism on the Spotlight – an Interview with EBM Lublin Content Managers

As the EBM Lublin 2014 is getting closer, more details are coming out about the workshops and different topics that will be tackled. The AEGEEan has interviewed the two Content Managers from the EBM, Lavinia Manea (AEGEE-Bucuresti) and Marije Arentze (AEGEE-Leiden) about their plans and expectations for this event. Lavinia and Marije have been working hand in hand for a… Read more →

AEGEE-København and AEGEE-Helsinki on organizing the most popular Summer University

Last summer the Scandinavian locals, AEGEE-København and AEGEE-Helsinki, organized the Summer University ‘Scandinavian Dream’ that turned out to be the most popular Summer University in 2013, having 242 applications. This is a good reason to get to know these locals in the north of Europe and find out how they managed to have such a successful Summer University, but also… Read more →

April’s Local of the Month AEGEE-Valletta sharing tips on organising high quality events

Last November, AEGEE-Valletta had its 15th anniversary. This antennas’ history is quite varied and successful. Despite being a very small antenna, comprising of only around 100 members, of whom only about 20 are active, big results are still achieved. During the previous years, the antenna has successfully organised an Agora in 2007, a Network Meeting in 2009 and many more… Read more →

Member of the Month of April – Alice Bednářová

“She has been responsible for the successful revival of the Cultural European Night at the EBM”. Who is this mysterious person, you might be wondering? It is Alice Bednarova from AEGEE-London. The European Night during Autumn Agora Budapest raised many questions and gave way to many discussions. The Culture Working Group (CWG) has decided to take things under control starting… Read more →

Gunnar Erth On The Golden Recipe For Workshops

The topic of participation in workshops at statutory events was raised recently in The AEGEEan, and we continue to focus on this interesting topic. Questions concerning the quality of workshops, the topics and the golden recipe of a workshop will be answered in this interview that The AEGEEan did with Gunnar Erth, who throughout his many years has participated and… Read more →