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Vademecum: How to Write a Motivation Letter for the Upcoming Agora

Spring Agora Enschede is approaching very fast and there is just one thing between being an applicant and a participant: the application. The first thing to know is: who is going to read your applications? The Chair Team, in cooperation with the Comité Directeur, is the one in charge of selecting participants. And in case you are wondering, yes, the… Read more →

MedCom 101

Let’s face it: unless you are active on the European level, there is a big chance that you don’t really know what our different bodies are doing, what they are supposed to do and why they were created in the first place. The AEGEEan magazine is here to help and set the story straight. Up first – Mediation Commission. If… Read more →

Visa Chronicles of One Agora

Starting any visa process in AEGEE is like a lottery – you never know how organisers will behave, how attentively the visa officer will look at your documentation, and what will you get in your passport in the end. After Agora Skopje we all had a sad experience in visa issues, when no Caucasian locals were able to attend the Agora… Read more →

And the winner is….

391 persons took the time and minutes to vote for 11 different awards. 11 different awards that were organised by The AEGEEan for “The AEGEEans’ choice awards“.  Awards created to encourage creativity in AEGEE and honour persons who have taken part in making a difference during the year 2011. The votes have been counted, and The AEGEEan is delighted to… Read more →

Sygrit Andringa on her candidature, Ermanno’s accent and sleepyheads of the Agora

If you attended Agora Skopje, EBM Izmir or are one of the lucky participants of Agora Enschede then you should know who the current chair team is, and more importantly – the secretary that takes all the minutes and writes down all your interesting questions. Her name is Sygrit Andringa and she is candidating for half more year with the chair team family,… Read more →

Update from Agora Enschede: Voting Results of the Vote of Confidence

This morning the Chair Team of Agora Enschede presented the voting results for the Vote of Confidence of Comité Directeur (CD):  Alfredo Sellitti,  President of AEGEE-Europe, did not receive the Vote of Confidence. He is no longer the President of AEGEE-Europe. Alma Mozgovaja, Secretary General, received 140 votes in favor and 105 against her. With this vote she received the… Read more →

Vote for Confidence for the Comité Directeur done today at Agora Enschede!

Yesterday evening at Agora Enschede the vote of confidence for the Comité Directeur (CD) took place. To sum it up, at the beginning the whole procedure took over two hours. At 21:30 the delegates left the plenary exhausted after 12 hours full of sessions.  Alfredo Sellitti, President of AEGEE-Europe, was the first one of the CD members who spoke in… Read more →