Packing The Agora Suitcase

Are you a first-time participant in an Agora and not sure what you should pack in your suitcase? Or have you been at the Agora many times but still manage to forget a handful of stuff each time you go? The AEGEEan editor Patricia Anthony had the latter issue and chose to do some research on what one ought to bring for the Autumn Agora Budapest.

The Agora Budapest organisers have already made a list on their website of the items that should be in suitcases taking off from different countries of Europe going to Agora Budapest in late October, but there is always something missing on such lists. Therefore, the AEGEEan asked different AEGEE members of what they would bring, and here are the ten tips that stand out from the crowd.

  1. Dress to impress: We still have one month until the Agora kicks off so the organisers are still being very secretive about the social program but that does not mean that the clothing should not be considered yet. Some wear heals, others wear flip-flops; some wear hoodies, others wear dresses. It is a topic that comes up again and again: whether or not there should be a “dress code” at the Agora to suit up like Barney Stinson, but there is good reason for the girls to bring at least one nice dress for the program of the nights during the Agora.
  2. Before lying down you might be having difficulty to fall asleep because of the bright lights in the gym. The two Hungarian ladies who both live in the CD house, Zsofia Komaromi and Beata Matuszka, suggest for the ladies of AEGEE to bring a sleeping mask to solve that issue. Maybe it could help the guys too?
  3. You might also be the type of person who will not be bothered by the lights because you are out all night and return after the lights have been switched off. Another CD person, this time Miguel Gallardo, suggests bringing a head lamp to be prepared for such a situation. “I would bring a small head lamp, very useful to find things in your luggage at night or to avoid stepping on other AEGEE members when you come back from the parties in the last bus, everybody is sleeping and the lights are already off.”
  4.  So when you have actually managed to get into your sleeping bag it could be an idea to put in earplugs to avoid being disturbed by the guy in the corner taking deep breaths, or people giggling when returning from the nights’ adventure.
  5.  Both the sleeping bag and the earplugs can help you sleep anywhere but another thing that might help is a travel pillow. “One should bring a little travel pillow, either courtesy of some expensive airline (in my opinion, Greek airlines have the best pillows in Europe) or bought in some bus station. Very good to get deep sleep in every opportunity (bus, train, even low cost flights),” says Miguel Gallardo.
  6. Warm hoodies – They are everywhere, the AEGEE hoodies, but AEGEE origin or not, it is a good idea to bring a warm hoodie or two because as Beata says “you never know from where you will get extra air conditioning in the gym”.
  7. Swiss army knife – An item that according to Miguel is useful at European Nights to open wine bottles rescued from some remote tables, where they stayed forgotten as nobody could open them. “The only problem is that sometimes it stays in my pocket when I go to an airport and then I have to say goodbye to it. Luckily enough, my local board gave me one as a present for my year in the CD, and a Swiss member (yes, we have some) gave me another one as a present during the “Yellow SUnmarine” SU in Alicante.”
  8.  Drink for European Night (EN) – Drink responsibly but also share your booze! It is common tradition that everybody brings a drink from their own country for EN and some even suggest bringing two bottles because the first will probably be empty long before the EN begins, which for example happened during a pre-event for EBM Izmir back in February.
  9. Vitamins, caffeine pills or whatever that keeps you going after long days followed by long nights is according to Zsofia a good item to bring and easy to make space for in the suitcase.
  10. Slippers – To wear when you walk around the gym or taking a shower. It is something that journalist Patricia Anthony always forgets and it might be that she is not the only one.

It looks like the majority are suggesting you to “take good care” of your sleep in order to be ready to rise and shine the morning after. As mentioned you can have a look at the “official” packing list right here, but you could also comment right below if you have any good advice on what to bring for such occasion.


Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København