NetCom candidate Paulina Wenta – But you can call her Inez

When reading her name the first thing that came into The AEGEEan journalist Patricia Anthony’s mind was the crazy Polish dance that the girls from AEGEE-Toruń always seem to start whenever they get the chance. One of the AEGEE-Toruń girls is Paulina Wenta, but there is much more than dancing to this NetCom candidate.

Basic facts you probably already know from reading her candidature. As it was mentioned her

name is Paulina Wenta, but what you may not know that everybody refers to her with her second name – Inez. Friends, parents, university professors, they all call her Inez so The AEGEEan will do the same thing. Inez is 22 years old and studying Economy and Management at the University in Toruń. Because of her studies she is not only a member of AEGEE but also the Students Forum Business Centre Club, and as if that was not enough she also manages to work in a PR & Marketing Agency. Again, those maybe facts that you may already know about Inez, so let’s dig a bit deeper and find out why this AEGEE-Toruń lady is ready to become a Network Commissioner.

The AEGEEan: You mention in your candidature that you have been part of the ProTrain programme, can you explain a bit about why you chose to join the programme, when you joined it,  what you have been doing, and who is your mentor?

Inez: If you want to become a member of AEGEE-Academy, learn, practice and gain competences to be a real trainer – ProTrain is the program for YOU! It is organised once a year where ProTrainees work individually with their mentors. Mine is Michael Makowiecki, and if you ask us what we are doing then the answer would be that mostly we watch funny kitten videos on YouTube.

Seriously, after giving some workshops I decided to go further this path. Trainings give the possibility not only to share your experience but also are a place to learn and discuss where some great ideas are born. Michael shares with me his experience, works on ProTrain tasks and gives me feedback on my work. He is such a great mentor and I’m really glad I can work with him.

You already have experience in organising a Network Meeting (NWM), and it was a big NWM as far as I know, what did the experience teach you?

It was an amazing meeting! We organised it in spring this year for 200 participants. You have to add also the organisers, so we had over 240 AEGEEans in one place, pretty awesome!  We had many tough tasks but together we worked and accomplished all of them. Big conferences are very common among polish speaking locals but this one was the biggest so far. Some people made jokes and called it a “mini EBM”. Meeting so many people devoted to AEGEE in one place is an incredible motivation to work and improve our organisation, to make it even better.

It was a wonderful experience and I learned that the most important thing is good communication and teamwork. In AEGEE we have no limits and together we can do anything!

Why would you like to become a Network Commissioner (NetCom)?

I have been active for three years now and I can say that they have been the best three years of my life. But during these years I have not only worked on projects in my antenna. I have also traveled, seen some beautiful places, met amazing people from all over the world and made some real, lifetime friendships.

It all together gives me the motivation to apply for a NetCom position. In AEGEE I faced many situations, positive ones but also negative. I think I gained enough experience to work not only on the difficulties but also on implementing many great ideas! I want to share my knowledge, support and help my locals wherever I can.

What is the main challenge that you think you would face in the NetCom and do you have any idea on how to approach them?

It all really depends on the area that I will be responsible for and for that we need to wait until the Agora. I will adjust my programme to the needs of my locals. Only if my part of the Network is strong and stable I can work on implementing my programme. What are other challenges? Organising my first Network Meeting! I can’t wait to start working on that!

I got the opportunity to meet all the present Network Commission members  working as a NetCom Assistant. They are amazing, dedicated people, working really hard for our organisation. The team is like a little family, and they help me with my main concerns so it will be a lot easier for me to start working as a Network Commissioner. I really hope I can join them for the whole next year! Only thing I can say for now is see you in Budapest!

The AEGEEan wishes (Paulina) Inez Wenta luck with her candidature.

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København

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