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Today’s interviews: Aydin Mehdiyev, Elena Panagopoulou, Oksana Prokopchenko, Polina Khapaeva

Like every year, The AEGEEan is giving a platform to candidates for a position in the European Level boards and commissions of our association to answer to some questions in order to present themselves. This year, we established a cooperation with the Golden Times and, together with his Editor Gunnar Erth, former and current journalists of our magazine will interview the candidates… Read more →

Francesca Zorcolo for Network Commission: “That’s what I would like to do: support locals, make them shine and be present for everything they could need”

When you meet Francesca Zorcolo from AEGEE-Cagliari, you can tell straight away that she is an active member of our association. She was vice-president and president of her local, main organiser for NWM Cagliari 2106, subcommie for the Rainbow for Netcom Gabriele Scollo. Now candidating for the Network Commission.    The AEGEEan: How would you describe yourself? Francesca: My name… Read more →

Alin Georgescu for Network Commission: “I can bring something new in AEGEE, because I constantly learn, reflect and share”

Few days are missing to Autumn Agora Catania, and one of the most important decisions we will make, is to choose the best people for the Network Commission. Alin Georgescu has already worked as a NetCommie for one year and would like to dare again and commit himself to the Network.  The AEGEEan: Who are you? For what do we… Read more →

Celia Riveres For Network Commission: “Every Time I Take Any Responsibility, I Fight Until The Last Moment And I Do Whatever Is In My Hand To Achieve My Objectives.”

The upcoming Agora is a place where a new generation of NetCommies is going to be elected. The Network Commission has always been one of the most crucial Commission we had in our Network, but now maybe even more than ever. Celia believes she is motivated enough and ready to take the job. She would like to lead by example her assigned locals,… Read more →

Daniel Tufeanu for the Network Commission: “Focus On Developing Our Existing Locals and Strenghtening Our Network”

Meet Daniel Tufeanu:  AEGEE-București’s President and a member of the Human Resources Committee. Besides that he is also a two-term SubCommie for the Central European locals under Lavinia and Alin. Now it’s his time to shine as he is running for the Network Commission. He has a clear five-point programme, and a desire to give as much back to the Network… Read more →

Evrim Emiroğlu for the Network Commission: “After five years of AEGEE life, I feel that this is the only thing that keeps me motivated to stay and contribute to the organisation with my knowledge”

Evrim Emiroğlu from AEGEE-Eskisehir is candidating for the Network Commission. She has given an interview to us sharing her programme, which focuses mainly on increasing the communication between locals and their collaboration with the European bodies through “an information transfer platform/channel”, as well as it underlines the importance of thematic events. She is also discussing with us the current political… Read more →

Elena Panagopoulou for the Network Commission: “I Want Locals to Live and Breathe for their Identity, AEGEE Identity”

Elena Panagopoulou is not new to the AEGEE world, she has a lot of experience both at the European and local level. She now decided to start a new adventure candidating for the Network Commission. Here are a few questions for her. The AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself. Elena: I am Elena, born and raised in Athens, subsequently being a member of AEGEE-Athina… Read more →

Elena Efremova for the Network Commission:”It is a huge responsibility, but right now, I feel that this is the right position for me”

Nowadays, Elena Efremova from AEGEE-Grodno is the girl who takes on responsibilities in many fields and manages to multitask and keep control over her duties. This is the way she has already worked in AEGEE by getting involved in various European Bodies, learning from them and collaborating with them. Ahead of her presentation at the Agora in two weeks, she was interviewed by… Read more →

Maria Zwartkruis for the Network Commission: “I hope I will be able to inspire and spread the AEGEE-spirit”

Not only AEGEE-Utrecht should know Maria Zwartkruis, who is one of the candidates of the Network Commission.  In this interview, you can read the successes of her life (in and out AEGEE) and know her more about her candidature as a Network Commissioner. The AEGEEan: Tell us more about Maria Zwartkruis. What do you do? What do you dream about your future? Maria:… Read more →