NetCom candidate Bartosz Sudorowski – From Subcommissioner to Network Commissioner

You might not recognize his name, and it is likely that you have not seen his face, but Bartosz Sudorowski has been active on local as well as European level thus not having the experience of participating in a statutory event. He is planning to make up for that by attending Agora Budapest, and at the same time he is also running for a position in the Network Commission. The AEGEEan had a talk with him about his candidature.

AEGEEan: You mention that you have previously been the Subcommissioner in 2011, what did you do and what did the experience teach you?

Bartosz: As Subcommissioner I kept an eye, alongside with another Subcommissioner on 5 offices located in Zielona Góra, Wroclaw, Poznan, Toruń and Gliwice. We created a new business activity report system, based on those offices, which was helpful in our contact with the Network Commissioner (NetCom). We also created a list of several propositions, how to improve the functioning of the Network and I personally created BiC – Be in Contact project.

Why are you running for a position in the NetCom?

I am applying for the NetCommie post because I have always worked for the people and tried to help them. Now I am confident that after the experiences in the premises management board as an aerial president and Subcommissioner. I am ready to become a Network Commissioner. People that I have co-operated with have always been glad of my work. Although that I have been very precise, which sometimes made them nervous, eventually everybody were happy that the project became successful.

You have not attended any Agorae nor EBM or any other official conferences, yet, do you plan to go to the Agora Budapest?

I haven’t participated in those events because of personal or financial reasons. Now my situation is stable, and I intend to take part in Agorae and EBMs. You will meet me in Budapest.

How does it affect you candidature that you have no experience with such events?

It is certainly not my strong point, but it is not something that I can’t deal with. I think I learn very quickly and it might help me to catch up with lacks made by my absence in these events very fast.

On the other hand you have board experience, being president of your local, how will you manage being president and NetCommie at the same time, if elected?

It will not be a problem. My tenure as president ends in December, and, besides that, it’s not a novelty for me. I was member of the board of student’s parliament, member of AEGEE-Zielona Góra, local radio employee and member of disciplinary board, All at the same time. I’ve also studied on two specializations. But if elected I will only have the responsibility of two things being my presidency and NetCom.

How has the board experience helped to prepare you for the Network Commission?

It should be very helpful for me in working with people. I have learned patience, endurance and working under pressure of time. I think it will be very useful for me while working as a Network Commissioner.

You also have a lot of experience with events, taking part and organising, how does this affect you candidature?

The experience from the projects, which I participated, would have a great influence on the work of a NetCommie Probably, I underwent all crisis, successes and failures that one could do in a team. This taught me big humility and respect for work; and I want to transfer it into NetCom work.

Do you plan to have Subcommissioners?

I’m going to choose Subcommissioners. I know from my experience, that their help is invaluable. They are the eyes and ears of the NetCom when it is overloaded with work and at the same time being a Subcommissioner is a good preparation for deep understanding European level.

You have many different ideas in your program, what is your main interest/focus?

Mostly, I want to focus on the ‘BiC – be in contact” project, it will help link new cooperation between each antenna and proposing new program for the “Local training course’ for antennae across Europe.

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København