Ilona Bogomolova for Audit Commission – Ready to accept the challenge

A new AGORA is approaching, a new set of candidates are preparing their speeches and getting ready to impress our AEGEEans with their ideas, perspectives and views. One of these candidates is Ilona Bogomolova, from AEGEE-Kyiv, who is aiming for a position in the Audit Commission. Besides this, there is also a new country which is anxiously awaiting to accept this AEGEE-Kyiv member. Ilona is getting ready for her new life in Switzerland and kindly agreed to give us an interview during her last week in Kyiv. 

AEGEEan: Tell us a little bit about you and AEGEE.

Ilona: I’ve been in AEGEE since 2010 and like many others, I came for the travelling. Our former president, Andrii Otrishko, said “Come to us!” and that is exactly what I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to travel that year because I got a new job, but I helped out with the organisation of our local SU “How Creative UA”. It was a tough experience, but one of the greatest at the same time. I was exhausted by all the partying and the hard work, but it was totally worth it.

What about your recent career in AEGEE?

After my first initiation, so to say, I took the role of Incoming Responsible for our Network Meeting, helped out with the organisation of our SU “Corporation of Superheroes” and became the main organiser of our exchange with AEGEE-Patra. I was also the Secretary of AEGEE-Kyiv for a while, but unfortunately, I had to give it up. It was so great and I miss it very much. Working with good people in a good team is something everyone should experience.

Why did you decide to transfer from the local to the European level of AEGEE?

I wanted to improve myself and I feel ready to be active at the European level. It is like a challenge for me and I am ready to accept it.

Do you have some experience in Audit? Is it connected to your  study degree?

In January I will finish my masters in accounting, so I know a thing or two about audit as well. I’ve already worked as an accountant for a year and a half and had quite a wide range of responsibilities. One of these was the accountability and reporting of the company, so I believe I have the needed skills to successfully perform my duties in the Audit Commission of AEGEE.

Now a little bit about you. What are you most proud of?

I have to say that I’m proud of applying for this position. It’s not that I’m afraid I cannot handle it, but it is very hard for me to get the courage to stand up in front of such a big audience. As for my hobbies, my last challenge was mountain climbing. I’m very glad that I tried it and managed not to kill anyone in the process.

Is there something you always have with you, even if you forget your wallet, phone or keys?

That would be my pocket reader. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. The two books that I always read and reread again are “Yevgény Onégin” by Pushkin and “Catcher in the Rye” by Salinger.

Do you have a motto or saying that you like and try to follow in life?

Two quotes that I quite like are “There is no sin except stupidity” and “Everything is possible”. But the first one is my all time favourite.

What about your work in the Audit Commission? Do you have any plans for your term?

I believe Audit needs to have a strict frame and an organised system of operations. These need to be followed exactly and this is what I want to do! It is as simple as that.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Well, I’m very shy so be nice to me when I’ll be on the stage.

We will do our best. Thank you for your time and we wish you the best of luck at the AGORA!

 Written by Olga Volovyk, AEGEE-Kyiv.

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