The curious case of an Italian Netcommie in Germany

After serving as President in his local (AEGEE-Napoli) and as Subcommie in the Network Commission (NetCom) for a year, Claudio Armandi feels that becoming Network Commissioner is the most natural step, as he mentions in his candidature.

In this interview, Claudio discusses his experiences, plans, goals and motivations.

The AEGEEan: Being a Subcommissioner for one year, you should have learned a lot. What do you consider to be the biggest learning point? What was the most difficult situation that you had to face?

Claudio: They happen to be the same moment: the deletion of AEGEE-Macerata. I had some friends in the antenna and I was so sad for that, but I can say we did our best to save them and that it was unavoidable. But I had many happier moments in my year as Subcommie!

You come from the same region of Italy as Matteo, the current Netcommie. Would your getting elected reinforce the development of a certain area to the detriment of others?

It is just a coincidence, actually our cities used to be strong enemies! I would have worked with Matteo regardless of the city he came from. I am sure he chose me as a Subcommie for criteria other than my city of origin, so no clue about that!

Are you still involved in AEGEE-Napoli after being President of this local?

I am now living in Berlin, so I cannot be a board member in my antenna anymore. Anyway, there are a lot of new active members in my antenna and I am sure that they will be able to guarantee a good future for AEGEE-Napoli! I will be watching them as an oldie.

You gained experience in the Italian/Maltese Network, but you said that you are living in Germany now. Are there any locals which you would particularly like to take care of?

I would like to coordinate the Rainbow zone. I am sure I can do it properly even if I live in Berlin. The city has better and cheaper links to many Italian cities compared to Naples. Furthermore, the whole team of subcommies, including Matteo, declared they would be happy to stay in the team. This means that I can count on them in any case.

In your opinion, what is one weakness and one strength of the Rainbow Network?

I would like to see more competent people at the European level and more theme-focused events. On the other hand, I can assure you events in Italy and Malta are always unforgettable, and not only because of the wonderful places you get to see. It is the way of organizing them and the approach of people that make them special. Again, I recommend every AEGEEan to try attending them at least once.

You are already active on European level by being the Financial Manager of the Eastern Partnership Project. Do you consider involving more people into projects and Working Groups as one of your aims as Netcommie? How would you do it?

Being in a project team really teaches you a lot. It is an experience I would recommend to any motivated AEGEEan. I will do my best to sponsor projects and Working Groups in my area, both to search for new potential members and to organize joint events.

You write in your candidature that you have been working in the purchase department of an international company for a year and half. How do you think this role would help you in NetCom?

It taught me how to survive in a basket full of snakes! Actually, it also taught me how to negotiate and how to find interesting spots in the market.Nothing strongly task-related, but every skill counts in AEGEE.

“I would like to let Italian locals join the Italian Youth Council, if they demonstrate a serious will to do so.” Have the structural problems related to joining the Council been solved?

Thanks to the last reform about the role of the Netcommie, they have been solved. However, I would like Italian antennae to show more interest in that matter. We can reach this goal only with a strong cooperation from them. It will be the Netcommie’s task to motivate them and to show the possible benefits to be achieved through this move.

In your candidature twin antennae are not mentioned. Do you still believe in them as an instrument of cooperation?

Of course I do! But I think Rainbow has other priorities now, like being more content-oriented when organizing events and more “serious” in a general way of speaking. Obviously twin antenna agreements are warmly welcome!

One example of a “serious” event is EBM 2013, which will take place in AEGEE-Valletta, therefore in your area of the Network. Do you feel ready to help this local with such an important event?

I am sure the guys do not need a lot of help, but I would be there to work my bottom out anyway! I am really happy a statutory event is coming back to the Rainbow after a while.

Being part of the Network team is also an opportunity for personal development. What would you like to achieve from this experience?

More personal AEGEE experience for sure. I think being a Netcommie develops a lot of soft skills you will need in your future life.

The Agora will be an opportunity for Claudio to present himself better and show the soft skills that he already owns. The AEGEEan wishes him plenty of luck!

Written by Martina Zanero, AEGEE-Torino